YouTube: The Biggest Content-Creating Platform

Youtube is one of the most feature-rich social platforms owned by Google. This was started in February 2005 by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chan. This video-sharing app in the last 21 years has become a blast on the internet having more than one billion users on monthly basis. The majority of users here are mobile users.

YouTube Studio

Data reveals that Youtube is growing at a vigorous rate with 300 hours of content is uploading every minute. People usually spend 40 minutes watching videos on Youtube per sitting. Initially, the advertisements were the only source of revenue but after Google bought it in October 2006, the business has changed a lot.

Features Of YouTube

Today, almost every person on this earth having a cellphone will know about youtube and its amazing feature user-friendly features. Still, there are some who are new to this application and don’t know about these features. So, let’s discuss the features of Youtube:

HOME PAGE: When you sign to this app, the first page where you land is the homepage. Basically, this is the page from where you can explore all the features of youtube. The topmost bar of this page has three things to explore.

One, there is an icon for video recording from where you record any video you want and later upload it on your channel. The icon also provides you an option to go live and interact with your subscribers. The second is the icon for the search bar. And the third is profile. In profile, you can manage your youtube account.

The profile icon has many options to explore like it has YouTube Studio, excess to your channel to upload your videos, time watched is the option where you can watch how much time you have spent on the app watching videos.

Home page

Then comes Youtube Premium which offers you uninterrupted ad-free videos, Youtube Music ad-free, download and saves for no-internet zone and the most interesting feature are you can use youtube while using other apps in the background. But all this comes with some amount of charges. They have some prepaid and monthly subscription plans with free trials.

Also, have a special package for family and students. In a family plan, one subscription can be used by five other members of the family of age 13+. In the student plan, you have to verify your student-id to enjoy premium options at discounted rates.

The home page shows you mixed videos of the channels you have subscribed to and the recommended videos which are based on the types of videos you have watched recently. Also, you can see advertisements for videos running on the homepage.

SEARCH BAR: As I have mentioned above, you find the search bar on the top of the home page, where you can search videos of any journal you like from cooking videos to daily blogs. It is very simple to find any video here, just have to type or use the mic to search.

EXPLORE: When you don’t know from where to start on YouTube, you should land on explore section. Like it says here you find many categories to watch according to your choice. The categories available here are- Trending, Music, Movies, Live, Gaming, News, Sports, Learning, and Fashion & Beauty.

The Trending section has all the videos which are trending on Youtube right now. It constitutes of videos in all genres. But if you want to watch trending videos in an individual genre, they also have it. YouTube has made sub-categories of Trending videos which are- music, gaming, and movies. All the trending videos shown here are on the basis of most-watched and based on your location. AI of youtube has its own algorithm for trending videos.

In the Music section, you will find today’s talented, featured singers and famous playlist. This music channel has made by Youtube videos automatically. It also has a community section where you can update yourself with the latest news of the music industry.

The live category is made for live streaming of news, games, music, and sports. The most common channels which do live streaming are new channels and gaming channels.

The Gaming section has channels that are related to games. Here are channels that made tutorials on how to play games. So you can learn any game you love to play. Also, the famous gamers on Youtube collaborate and live stream to entertain their subscribers.

The movies section has a collection of famous movies in all genres. Firstly they recommend some movies based on your previous watch and AI. All the movies here are available for rent or buy, which means they cost some amount of charges.

For rent a movie, of course, the charges are less and the movie will be available to you for some fixed period of time. The section has also made individual categories for different genres like Indian Cinema, Comedy, Romance, Action & Adventure, Drama, Animation, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery & suspense, Superhero movies.

They also have special sections to make your search easy like Top selling movies, Hot deals of the week, family movies, new releases. Youtube also has to keep detailing in every section like here are options of movies of a particular movie star you like to watch.

YouTube Shorts

YOUTUBE SHORTS: Shorts are nothing just small videos like the Instagram reels. There is a trend going on of making & watching shorts videos because it takes less time to make and watch. Shorts are easy to engage in and at the same time entertain your audience.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Some you just want to watch the content of creators you like and subscribed not the unwanted one. For that youtube has a feature, a subscription where you get videos of your subscribed channel.

NOTIFICATIONS: This feature makes the app more user-friendly because here you will be notified about all the updates of your favorite content creators. Whenever your subscribed channels upload any video or they go live you will get a notification, so you can follow them easily.

LIBRARY: This is a very interesting section of Youtube. Here you see the videos you have watched in recent times and there is a history feature for old videos. Watch later option is present for videos that you can’t complete due to some reason but you want to watch in the future. Downloads for downloading videos and watch later in offline mode.

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