Victim’s iPhone Hacked By

Pegasus Spyware Weeks

 After Apple Sued NSO

That Apple  iPhone was successfully hacked by a government user of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware in December

New Evidence Has Revealed

Phones belonging to 4 Jordanian human rights defenders, lawyers & journalists were hacked by NSO government clients.

A Report Found That

Could still be vulnerable to surveillance by NSO’s government clients, even after the company sued NSO last November.

It Shows That Apple Users

NSO and its parent company to “hold them accountable” for the “surveillance and targeting of Apple users”.

It Shows That Apple Users

Deployed against a user, it can hack any phone, intercept messages and emails, view a user’s photographs and location

It Shows That Apple Users

Into a remote listening device, allowing an NSO customer to listen in on conversation held in proximity to the phone.

It Can Turn The Mobile

Giant Geomagnetic Storm Can Destroy Mobile