The Best Switch Party Games

"The Switch is a great console for sharing gaming time with your loved ones, especially with so many fantastic party games"

Whether you’re looking to partake in a classic Mario Party game, or challenge your buddies to a round of Trivial Pursuit, there’s something for everyone

The latest in its series, Jackbox Party Pack 7 just might be the very best thanks to a new version of classic Quiplash and many other amazing games


While the game plays on the television, you follow prompts on your smartphone, making this an easy one to play with the whole family

A staple for all Nintendo consoles, Super Mario Party brings new ideas and minigames to the series, complimented by the fresh, HD rumble of the Joy-Cons


There’s even online multiplayer, as well as classic local co-op, so you can play some boards with your friends anywhere in the world

If you’re tired of Mario Party, Cake Bash is another party in the pantry that just might put the filling in your doughnut


Boasting delicious board game madness, pick your favourite confectionary-based character and play against your friends in frantic mini-games

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