The Best Mobile Horror Games

Halloween may have been and gone but any time of year is good for a spook or scare!

That’s where our mobile horror games list comes in. There’s a game for everyone here, from outrunning deadly monsters, to facing your fears and the paranormal

Detention is a hard hitting horror game, featuring a narrative that is sure to make a grown man cry


This indie gem takes inspiration from East Asian and Taiwanese culture, offering some terrifying environments shrouded in mystery

Ever wondered what it might be like to be the one that wields the knife? Well, Dead by Daylight gives you the opportunity to play killer or victim


You can play as horror icons as you hunt your prey, or work together as a team to survive the night

There’s something about the Arctic that makes it a great place to set a horror game, and Antarctica 88 is proof of that


In a setting reminiscent of The Thing, you must fight to survive against monsters and the cold

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