The current fastest Elden Ring speedrun record is just a shade over 12 minutes

According to FromSoftware, completing Elden Ring's main objectives while occasionally dabbling in side quests can take you around 50 hours.

Sure enough, Distortion2 did not get that memo.

Distortion2 one-upped everybody multiple times within the span of just a few days.

After posting a video of him finishing Elden Ring in only 14 minutes and 8 seconds, Distortion2 continued to beat his times by posting a personal and world best of 12 minutes and 13 seconds.

One of the biggest changes that Distortion2 and Mitchcriz's made in their latest record-breaking runs is the use of the Mega Zip glitch.

The exploit, which is similar to the older Zip Glitch, lets you travel far greater distances with ease.

According to the description of his latest Elden Ring speedrun video, "a new route is in the works which involve fighting no bosses."

The YouTuber then teased that this new route might lead to sub-10 minute runs.

Judging by how committed Distortion2 is as well as other speedrunners, we wouldn't be surprised if they figure out how to beat Elden Ring in 5 minutes if not less.