Saints Row: Reveals Expansive Customization Options

Extensive range of character customization options in the next Saints Row have been revealed in a new preview for the game

Character Customizations

Possible ways the player can craft their version of The Boss, their vehicles, weapons, gang members, and even their headquarters.

The game is set in the city of Santo Ileso, which is controlled by three warring factions. The player creates their main character, known as The Boss

The Boss' appearance in Saints Row can be totally customized, from their muscle mass, skin tone and texture, different patterns for their eyes.

Adding different makeup patterns that can even be placed on half of the face, prosthetic limbs, swappable male and female body features, and eight different voice options.

There are a number of emotes in the game that can even change the character's walk cycle. The developers revealed that none of Saints Row's customization choices in the game are gender-specific

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