Is Ranbir-Alia Wedding Date Got Postponed? 

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Lots of confusion regarding the actual date of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's wedding. While many have said that the couple will tie the knot on April 14, several others have confirmed that the wedding is happening on April 15 instead.

Confusion Regarding Wedding Date

Alia Bhatt's half-brother Rahul Bhatt has said that her wedding to Ranbir Kapoor has been postponed.

No Wedding On April 14

It seems that after so much preparation and hype, the Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor wedding has been postponed.

Preparation And Hype

The two actors were set to tie the knot on April 14, something that had been confirmed by Alia's uncle Robin Bhatt.

Confirmed By Alia's uncle Robin

Alia's half-brother Rahul Bhatt, in an interview on Tuesday, clarified that the wedding is now not happening on April 14 and there are no functions on April 13 either.

Rahul Bhatt Clarified

According to Rahul Bhatt, the dates earlier were the same, but after the information was leaked to the media, the dates were changed. Everything has been changed because there's a lot of pressure.

Cause For Delay

The family has said the wedding is being postponed by about a week. However, no final date has been given as of now.

No Final Date

As per Rahul Bhatt, there will be an announcement regarding the date soon by the couple.

Soon Announcement