Here's how each Zodiac should deal with Stress 


Collect yourself and stay calm, deep breathing during crisis is what you need to do.


Keep a steady routine since unknown times bother you. Keep calm and quit checking your bank account all the time.


Slow down, eat roasted veggies, practice deep breathing and discuss your problems with people you can trust.


Avoid emotional eating. Instead, listen to some calming music and indulge in the hobbies you like.


Be less subjective, look at your situation from a wider view and tap into your physical strength.


You have to practice the art of letting go and not be hard on yourself. Take a break every now and then.


Deal with your challenges and work with someone to share the stress. Have someone check in on you every now and then.


Observe and then work on a strategy instead of panicking in your head. Also remember, no one is after you, it is good to think positive about people too.


Keep your humor intact and remember the fact that there is a higher purpose to everything.


Give your body and mind a holiday and relax if work from home is stressing you out. You are but human. Do not take stress for things you do not need to.


Don’t put off personal responsibilities. Save yourself first and then only can you save the world.


Don’t resist but gently persist the issues you are facing. And do not procrastinate. You will end up taking much more stress later.

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