Are Mutual Funds Safe In A Crash?

Equity MFs are a way for you to invest in stocks, so the performance of the stock market will have a bearing on the performance of your investment.

If Stock Markets Crash - So Will Mutual Funds, Right?

The stock market will go up and down and so will the value of your equity mutual funds. But in the long run, investments in equities as an asset class provide inflation-beating returns.

Think Long-Term

Unlike stocks where you invest based on your own knowledge, MFs are handled by fund managers with research teams - you get the benefit of their knowledge.

Why MFs Are Safer: Avoid Making Bad Decisions

Since mutual funds are tightly regulated by SEBI, so there is little to no chance of losing your money to fraud.

Why MFs Are Safer: Avoid Fraud

Mutual funds are, in the long-term, a safer way to invest, even with stock market volatility.

MFs: A Safer Way To Invest

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