Truecaller Apk – More Than A Caller ID And Spam Protector

Truecaller is one of the most interesting applications that lets us do so many different tasks in one place like the application has made the texting and calling experience great and enjoyable at the same time. Also, the developer has made the user interface of the application so simple and easy to use that the user won’t face any problems while using the application.

Also if anyone is annoying you by bulk texting and calling then you can easily block the user so that they will not be able to bother you anymore. Not only that Trucaller Application also lets you store the call information with such ease.

True Software Scandinavia AB has developed this great application that has made the experience of its users of calling and texting to each other great. Also, the application has a huge fan base and loyal customers who use the application on daily basis, and also the application is very trustable as it has more than 500 million active users and along with that, they have more than a million positive reviews on the Play Store.

So if you want a great communication application that will help you with so many different options then Truecaller is a great option and you can easily download the application from Google Play Store or also you can download the Truecaller Premium Apk from a trustable third party website.

The application has some great features that we will discuss below so that you can read all of them and decide accordingly whether you should use the application or not.

Features Of Truecaller Application

We have mentioned all the features of the application below and if you still think that we have misses any then do let us know in the comment section and we will update the features here in this article.

Truecaller Premium

Manage Blockings

Lots of times we receive so many unwanted calls and messages but earlier we were unable to do anything to stop those messages and calls but now we have a great application Truecaller that which gives us the option to manage the blocking and block those numbers that are irritating us. And also the process is so simple that even a kid can easily block any number. Whenever you receive a call or message from an unwanted user the application automatically show the name of the person most of the time and at the same place gives you the option to block the number and you just have to hit the block option and you will not receive messages and numbers from that number anymore.

Caller ID

This feature is a great option for people who are introverted and got anxious whenever an unknown number appears on their phone most of them get uncomfortable very easily but as this feature shows the name of most people they can easily decide whether they have to attend the call or not. And for the proper working of this feature, you need the proper internet on your device otherwise the feature will not work properly.

Who Viewed My Profile

This is another great feature of the application where you will be able to see how many people have seen your profile and not even that you can also see the people who have seen your profile and this feature is a good option for the people who are running their small business as they can contact them for the pitch.

Call Recorder

Recording your calls is a great way to have proof of anything as many times a call record has saved many people from legal actions. But now you don’t have to download another application to record your calls as Truecaller has an inbuilt call recording feature so now you can easily record a call listen to it later or can also use it later accordingly.


Truecaller has also introduced UPI payment from their own application very easily so you have to follow a simple process to add your account with the application and then you can pay from the application without facing any problems. So you have to select the bank linked to your account number and then an SMS will be sent from your number and you will receive the OTP and you have to enter the OTP and you will be able to pay the bill easily.

Spam Blocker

Local Services

Truecaller application also lets you complete so many local tasks within the application so that you don’t have to use so many different applications to complete those tasks and also you will not fill your device with unnecessary applications.


This is one of the most underrated features of the application as in this feature the developer has to include the emergency numbers which we need much time but we don’t have the immediate access, and we go to Google and then search for the number and then we called that number but here you have all the emergency numbers at one place so that you will not waste a single second and call for emergency help and can save a life.


You can easily upgrade your application to premium and Gold membership and with the upgradation, you will have many different and awesome features like now you can use the incognito mode which provides you greater privacy and no can track you and also there will be no ads to irritate you and if you upgrade to the Gold membership you will get a dash of gold with all the other features of premium membership.

Invite A Friend

If you want to upgrade your account to a premium or gold membership without paying for it then you can invite a friend a when the friend uses the application you can then upgrade your account for free of cost.


we can not use any application if we do not understand the language of the application and English is not the language that everyone uses and for that, the application has provided us the feature to set the language that you can understand and in the setting section of the language you can easily do that.


If you ask me about the application I would definitely say that the application is really great as you can manage so many tasks with just a single application and the best part is you can use the application completely free of cost until you don’t have to upgrade your membership and if you want to know how the application then definitely gives it a try and you can easily download it from the Google play store.

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