TextNow Apk: Make Free Phone Calls, Text, And Video Calls

Download TextNow Apk 21.39 which is an app that provides a new number to make free calls, texts, chats, and video calls using Wi-Fi. It was started in the US or Canada as a Voice over internet protocol in 2009. It helps you to reduce your phone bill. This app can be used on tablets, iPad, and computers. If someone wants to use the app without using Wi-Fi, there are some plans available.

The company earns through plans and advertisements. The app has some similarities with Whatapp and Skype. Now using by using TextNow, one can make domestic calls as well as international calls. To make an international call for free one will require to watch advertisements or purchase any of premium subscription plans.

It has a very popular textnow apk old version 5.6.2 download. The features of that version were very new and useful.

Additional Information About The App

  • Latest Version: v21.39.01
  • File Size: 82 MB
  • Android Requirement:
  • Price: Free
  • Developers: TextNow Inc.

Countries Supported TextNOw

The free offers for the services are for US and Canadian users only. But now the company has extended its branch to other countries also. The services are available to New Zealand, India, Singapore, Japan, Qatar, and Australia.

TextNow free calling

How To Use TextNow Apk Outside US or Canada?

Use the app in countries that do not support using the following steps. It might help you to enjoy the free service.

By Using VPN:

Step1. Firstly signup for any reliable VPN service. There are many options available for it. Such as EXPRESSVPN, NORDVPN, IPVANISH, and etc.

Step2. Make sure to download and install the VPN app on the same device on which you want to use TextNow.

Step3. Now connect your VPN server to Canada or US.

Step4. After successfully connecting the sever, you can browse the web from anywhere in the world.

For countries where TextNow is supported. One can easily download the app using Google Play Store or Apple Store. Also, you can check TextNow Apk files and download them. Then after signup, just simply follow the instructions. For countries other US or Canada, they have assigned some according to the area. Those different areas within a country have different codes.

Now they will ask codes of your area to give you a free number. The setup will require a few minutes to successfully work. Just make sure your device is connected to Wi-fi or any data service.

How to Use TextNow To Verifying Whatapp ?

One can use WhatsApp without having any sim card on the device. This process has many methods to do. Here we will discuss one of those methods using TextNow. As we know this app provides you with a unique number of your own. So, by using this number you can verify WhatsApp without any sim just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step1. Download TextNow on your device. If you are using it on mobile use Google, play store or iPhone Store, or Windows Phone Store. For PC, use an android emulator then find TextNow on it.

Step2. After successfully downloading the app on your device, now complete the final setup. After that note down the assigned TN number.

Step3. After getting the TN number, open WhatsApp on your device and enter the TN number you have assigned after completing the terms and conditions process. While entering your phone number, make sure to select your country.

TextNow Affordable Services

Step4. Now, wait for an SMS verification to fail. When the SMS verification fails you will get an option to call your number. Now click on Call Me to receive an automated call from WhatsApp.

Step5. Now the TextNow on your device where you will get the Whatsapp call. Receive the call from WhatsApp, you will get an automated message for the verification code.

Step 6. Note down the verification code. And the verification code into Whatsapp. Now it’s time for the final setup. After completing the final setup you can enjoy your Whatsapp without having any phone number.

TextNow Network Coverage

The TextNow app uses two networks for its customers. 1. T-mobile and 2. Sprint. For customers who are using free plans, they will have access to the Sprint network, whereas others can have either T-mobile or Sprint network depending upon the device they are using.

Despite being having millions of users, the company is a very small part of the telecommunication industry. Currently, they cannot afford to build their own cellular network.

TextNow Cell Phone Plans

There are several plans to enjoy less cost mobile bills or no-cost bills. Here are some plans are mentioned below:

Plans: The plans offer unlimited free calls and text on the sprint network. For that, you have to do it by watching advertisements.

Family Plans: One plan for many devices is a family plan. In this case, if you’re thinking to save on a bill on TextNow using family plans, it’s not a good deal. They do not offer any discount on such plans.

Unlimited Plans for LTE

They have launched a plan focusing on the bill, that will cost $39.99 per month for one LTE. That sounds great. This plan is for US and Canada. They have four plans:

  1. Talk and Text Plan: This plan gives user unlimited call and text to US and Canada but no data on $9.99/month.
  2. 5GB Plan LTE: It offers unlimited calls and texts with 5GB data to US and Canada on $19.99/month.
  3. 2GB Plan LTE: It offers unlimited calls and text with 2GB data to US and Canada on $29.99/month.
  4. Unlimited LTE: This is the best affordable deal for LTE avaible in market. Above mentioned services on addition with unlimited data only on $39.99/month.

There is a family plan on $100/ month giving the same unlimited services to three lines of LTE. If you want to add an additional line, it can be possible by paying $29.99 additional.

TextNow Across Worldwide

Reasons For Failed Sign Up On TextNow

  1. You are entering wrong username/email address/password.
  2. Using an older version of the app.
  3. Using VPN.
  4. Your account has been disabled.

Download Textnow From Play Store Or Textnow Apk

You can easily download the text now application from the Google Play Store by following the link or you can download the Textnow Apk from any third-party website. But make before downloading from any third-party website that the website is safe and secure to download the application. And below you can check all the versions of the application those has been released till now.

Textnow Apk 21.8 Textnow Apk 4.42.0
Textnow Apk Textnow Apk 6
Textnow Apk 5.6.2

What’s New In Latest Version Of Text Now

  • They have streamlined number of features, and added a page in the app to enable porting your number into TextNow.
  • Minor Bugs were fixed.
  • Under-the-hood optimization is done.
  • Worked on performance and stability.

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