Tekken 3 Apk: One Of The Best Fighting Game

Tekken 3 is a newly added game in the series of Tekken. The series of Tekken 3 was started in arcade mode back in 1996. Initially, the access to the game was limited to Japan only, later in 1998 it was released internationally. The same year it was also ported to Play Station, at that time Play Station trend was in boom.

Tekken 3 has come with many new features, modes, and characters. The fighting system and controls are almost the same as Tekken and Tekken 2. As the Tekken Series before Tekken 3 was used in System 11 but it was the first game to be used in Namco’s System 12, which is a very risky decision for the developers.

Tekken Arcade Game mode

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Features of Tekken 3

Tekken 3 has many mind-blowing features to make it one of the best fighting games in the series of Tekken. The graphics and animations level has improved to the next level which makes it more smooth and fast. Also, there is the addition of a wide variety of sound effects and the music playlist was also enchnced. If you want to download the game you can also check Tekken 3 apk.

The fighting moves were also enhanced from Tekken 2, this time in Tekken 3 they have focused on the third axis, which allows side movement of the character. One of the important change is the jumping was toned down, they has put a limit on it which makes it more realistic.

Characters Of Tekken 3

Newly Added Characters

All characters of Tekken

There are almost 16+ new characters were added with new powers, skills, and features

1. Tiger JacksonHe acts as a costume/palette exchange for Eddy Gordo.
2. True OgreOgre is the final boss in Tekken and Tekken 3. Also given the name of God Of Fighting. True Ogre is the second transformation of ancestor Ogre. Basically, he is a villain in every series of Tekken. This character is unlockable
3. Dr.BosconovitchHe is also known as Doctor B. Also appeared in season 2 of Tekken in the last. But his impactful appealable has come in season 3. He is one of the playable characters out of three in this season. Doctor B. was involved in cloning and he is the one responsible for the creation of Jack Androids. His character is also unlockable.
4. Bryan Fury Bran made his debut in season 3 of Tekken, then he made an appearance in every season. Bran is a popular character known for his fighting skill. He was shot killed in Hong Kong, then his corpse was revived by Dr. Abel using cybernetic tools and turned into a Zombie.
5. PandaPanda was the pet and protector of Ling Xiaoyu. She was a giant and, a loyal pet who was trained with all the fighting skills same as Kuma. Kuma has a love corner for Panda. And also she was a costume palette for Kuma.
6. KumaKuma was died due to old age in Trekken 3 but his son came as Kuma II. He was the original pet and personal bodyguard of Heihachi Mishima. Once, Kuma was saved by Heihachi and he has trained Kuma with Kuma Shuriken, a form of martial art.
After Kuma’s death, Heihachi trained his son with the same art form Kuma Shiren.
7. Eddy GordoEddy Gordo was a trained male fighter and a popular character known for 3D fighting. He was trained in jail by an old man and learned Capria style. He learned this style so that he can take revenge for his father’s death.
8. Ling XiaoyuLing Xiaoyu is a female character of Tekken 3, who has a dream to build a themed amusement park, for that she required lots of money. Her dream made her learn fighting skills from her master Wang Jinrei. She participates in tournaments for money to fulfill her dream.
9. GonGon is a small dinosaur that is a bonus unlockable character. He has appeared as a guest in the third season. To unlock Gon either one has scored very high in Survival Mode and entered the GON or defeat the Tekken Ball Mode.
10. Forest LawForest Law is a male fighter character of Tekken known for his style similar to Bruce Lee. He was the son of Marshall Law who own a dojo. Forest was trained by his father in his dojo, and he dreamt of having the same greatness and success as his father.
In Tekken 3 he joins the tournaments in the suggestions of his friend Paul Phoenix. In the King of the iron tournament, he performs the Frog Man Jump kick, which is very difficult to perform.
11. Jin KazamaJin Kazama is one of the main athletes of Tekken. He is the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Kazama. He works to save the world from the evil Mishima Bloodline. He got an evil gene from his father and also his master of Karate.
12. Julia ChangJulia character’s has also made her debut in Tekken 3. She is the adopted daughter of Michelle chang, who also thought her fighting skills. This character is also unlockable.
13. King IIThere are two kings in the series, but in Tekken 3 there is this King II. King I and King II are the two characters of the series present in different seasons. They both come from Mexico as a luchador who helps orphans across the world. King II grew up in the orphanage run by King I, and after the death of King I, King II carry his legacy forward.
14. HworangHworang was from Korea, and he is trained in Tae Kwon Do. He was a student of Baek Doo San. Hworang performs his form of martial arts in the street, he defeats his opponent and earns money. He is famous for 3D fighting in Tekken.
15. MokujinMokujin is made from a 2000-year-old oak tree. He has made an appearance in many series of the Tekken. Mokujin was awakened with evil forces to save the world. He/she didn’t have any specific style to fight. The force which turned Mokujin on was True Ogre in Tekken 3.

Old Characters

  1. Anna
  2. Lei
  3. Heihachi
  4. Yoshimtsu
  5. Nina
  6. Paul

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