Summertime Saga Apk 0.20.9 For Android

Summertime Saga Apk is an erotic adventurous simulation. game. It has a dark and mysterious backstory that a player has to unravel through the journey of the game. This game is available on Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Android.

Due to some restrictions, the game is not available on iOS. The game is adult-themed, so players of 18+ age groups are allowed. Summertime Saga Apk is more popular because it gives freedom to its players to go wherever they want and to do whatever they want to do in the storyline. The game is in the alpha stage, which means currently working on final development.

Additional Information About The Game

  • Latest Version: v0.20.9
  • File Size: 44.8 MB
  • Android Requirement: 2.3 or higher
  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Kompas Production


Summertime Saga is a single-player game, where the main character meets with many other characters and creates different relations. Visits many unique locations. Throughout the game, you will encounter many minigames accompanied by heavy narratives and conversations with other characters. Basically, it is a story of a teenager who wants to know the truth behind his father’s death and wants to support his family.

The gameplay of Summertime Saga

Do check the list of fetishes that you gonna expect in the game. Throughout the game, you have to unlock many locations and perform different activities related to them. Before starting the game, you have to decide the name of your main character.


The game starts with the main character’s father had met a mysterious death and he is attending his father’s funeral. The main character is not going to school for a month, grieving for his loss. Finally, he realizes to come back and then got to know that he was failing in every class in high school.

Later you will encounter that has a debt of loads of money that your dad has taken from criminals. Then you will start getting threatening phone calls from them to repay your dad’s debt. Adding you are troubled about meeting your family needs, money for college, and finding a special date for prom. This is just the beginning of the story through the journey you will encounter with the wildest adventures.

Characters Of Summertime Saga

  • Erik: Best friend of main character, who is a video game addict. You will lots of interaction during school time.
  • Frank: He is the father of main character, whose part is shown in the starting part of the game.
  • Debbie: She is the Landlord of the house, who has intimate relation with Frank in the past. And she is also getting strange call, regarding Frank’s death. And she takes care of main character.
  • Jenny: She is the adoptive daughter of Debbie, lives in the same house. She wears skimpy skirt.
  • Mia: Mia is next door neighbour of Erik. She is one of the few people who you met in the school.
  • Roxxy: She is schoolmate of main character, and also known to be girlfriend of Dexter. Dexter is also schoolmate.
  • Kevin: Kevin works at a cafeteria and he is also schoolmate, who helps the main character at the gym to improve his stats.

Features Of Summertime Saga Apk

  • Cookie Jar: At some point of time in the game, you might feel that it hard to forget about a particular wild encounter. Don’t worry you can revisit and enjoy that scene anytime at Cookie Jar on the app. You will get the Cookie Jar on the main menu.
  • Routes: A route is the series of things that has happened during the interaction with each characters. Sometime in a particular route it may take some time to reach forward.

Locations In Summertime Saga Map

  • HOME: Where the main character lives with Debbie and Jenny.
  • POOL
  • ERIK’S HOUSE: It is a house with green roof, where his bestfriend Erik lives with his landlady Mrs. Johnson.
  • SCHOOL: This is the center point of the game where you will meet lot’s of characters and different quest.
  • GYM
  • PIER
  • PARK
  • MIA’S HOUSE: Next to Erik’s house, a puple house where Mia lives with her parents.
  • BANK
  • MALL
  • LAIR

How To Download Summertime Saga Apk On Andriod?

The Summertime Saga App is not available on Google Play Store. And in some countries, it is banned or inaccessible. And sometimes the original version on the official website is not working properly or the application is paid to download from some website. In this kind of situation, you should go for the Apk file of the app.

Download The Summertime Saga Apk

As the apk file is available on a third-party website. You will lot of results for Summertime Saga Apk on the internet, but you should be aware of the website from where you are downloading the file. Because some websites were providing fake apks and some websites are having malware which can cause to your device.

Characters Of Summertime Saga

So to download the latest version of Summertime Saga Apk, always check an authentic website on the internet. You can also check Summertime Saga Apk Download For PC.

Installation Process Of Apk

STEP1. After the downloading of Summertime Saga Apk from an authentic website is done. The installation process will be started.

STEP2. Before installing the app on your Android device, you have to “enable unknown sources” of your mobile. That means you are taking permission for installing a third-party file. To enable unknown sources, go to the settings of your phone then search for the security option and then click on Enable Unknown sources.

STEP3. Now when the unknown sources are enabled, go to the file manager of your device and look for your Summertime Saga Apk app on the downloaded page. Then click on the Install button.

STEP4. Wait till the process of installation is done. And when it is done enjoy your game.

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