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Rummy Culture is an Indian app offering a virtual platform for playing cards. Playing cards is an old tradition of Indian culture. The love for cards is just unbeatable, and especially on occasions like Diwali. It is a compulsion to play cards on Diwali night, but the social distancing works like a barrier. That is when an app like Rummy Culture comes in the pictures, it really helps people to follow the tradition without any barrier.

Offers In RummyCulture App

Rummy Culture is one of the fastest-growing online game apps in India. People are loving the game a lot and that is why there are 30 million players playing the game at a time. The popularity of the game increases on the time Diwali, so watching its popularity, the company has launched a tournament holding a pool prize of 1.5 crores, with the first prize of 50 lakhs. Organizing this tournament will help the company to grow more, attract more new users also.

Different Types Of Rummy

Rummy is a card game played globally. Therefore the variation of games with cards is also there. There are many types of Rummy played. All these types of games are available on Rummy Culture App. But there are four major types of Rummy, such as 21 Cards rummy, 13 Cards rummy, Gin Rummy, and Contract Rummy. Each type of rummy also has a sub-category.

13 Cards Rummy/ Indian Rummy

13 cards rummy is very popular in India. Here 13 cards are given to each player. The rules are players have to make a sequence of sets by picking or discarding the cards. The player who makes the set first will win the game.

There are some variants of this game that exist. Such as Pool Rummy, Point Rummy, and Deal Rummy.

21 Cards Rummy

The basic rules for the 21 Cards Rummy are the same, each player will have 21 cards to play. Here a minimum of 3 sets of the pure sequences should be made. What makes the game difficult is the penalty system. The penalty works as if you drop the game before playing hand, 30 points penalty will be assigned to you. And if you drop after playing hand, 75 points penalty will be charged.

The plus point of 21 Cards Rummy is Jokers can be used in the game. Here upper and lower jokers were assigned and they can be used to substitute any card from the impure sequence of the set. If you have 7,8,9 cards of spades, then this hand is called the Indian marriage hand.

Gin Rummy

Unlike 13 Cards and 21 Cards, Gin Rummy used 10 cards to be played. Gin Rummy can be played with 2-4 players. The sets should be made with 10 sets and it is not compulsory to make a pure sequence set. The Gin Rummy is quite easy to play.

Layout Of Rummyculture app

Contract Rummy

The contract rummy is somewhat the same as Gin Rummy. Here 3-8 players can play the game. Here 54 decks of cards are used with jokers. The game is played in seven rounds and in each round you have to make certain combinations. The first four rounds should be played with 10 cards and the remaining three rounds with 12 cards.

Reasons To Download RummyCulture

  1. It is 100% secure, safe,and legal app.
  2. This app gives you welcome bonus of upto Rs.5250.
  3. Very fast and seamless app.
  4. Accquires less space of your device.
  5. Free offline practice rummy games are avaiable.
  6. Instant money withdrawl.
  7. Trusted and played by 5 lakh+ players.

Rummy Culture Withdrawl

Many of you have questions in your mind that are your money safe in Rummy Culture or Is the Rummy Culture money withdrawal is for real? And many questions about the authenticity of the app. So here, we will try to answer a few of your questions.

The Rummy Culture is a Thawte SSL secured platform, which assures that your money is in safe hands, and your account and data details are also secured. You can withdraw the real money from the account that you have earned by winning the matches.

The money can be withdrawn at any point in time. Withdrawl can be possible within 30 seconds using IMPS. If your account supports IMPS, you can withdraw your winnings instantly. Don’t worry if you don’t have IMPS supporting account. You can withdraw by using NEFT once a day on working days.

There are some rules made for withdrawing from Rummy Culture. The rules are-

  • The deposited amount cannot be withdrawn.
  • Amount can be withdraw from any secured electronic bank transfer. Just make sure that name on the bank account should be same as the name on PAN card.
  • To start withdraw process, it is mandatory to appeal for withdraw with proper bank details in the lobby of app. The withdrawl request can be send free of cost.
  • The minimum amount per transaction is Rs.100 and the maximum is Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Always make sure to go through the Terms and Policy of Rummyculture, before playing the game.
Features Of Rummyculture

Yes, playing rummy online at Rummyculture is legal by the Supreme Court of India. As rummy is a game of skills and it comes under the protected constitution of India. And playing rummy with money is also legal.

But despite being legal across the country, there are few states which have banned the RummyCulture. The states are Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Assam. Recently Tamil Nadu has uplifted the ban.

Download Rummyculture Andriod Online

The game is available on many platforms such as android, iOS. It is very easy to download and log in to rummyculture from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Just follow the steps given below-

Steps1. Go to Google Play Store and search Rummy Culture.

Step2. Click on the install button, to install the app.

Step3. After successful installment, click on the icon.

Step4. For login, you have to give your number. After entering the number your will receive an OTP. Type the top and you are successfully logged in. Now enjoy the game and win.

In case you are facing any problems while downloading the app from Play Store, go and download the Apk file of the rummyculture app. For that, you just have to search RummyCulture Apk on Google. There are thousands of results that will be shown to you, so carefully select any secured website to download the file.

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