Rec Room Apk For Andriod

Rec Room is an online free-to-play video game. It is a platform that allows you to build your own games and also play games. Basically, this is a virtual world where you can join with friends all around the world, to enjoy, party, chat, and hang out with them.

There are millions of players like you building something new like amazing games, and also sharing with others to explore and enjoy. This social app is connecting people across the world through video games created by other players.

Customs Rooms Of Rec room

The game was developed by Rec Room Inc. as a VR headset video game. But now it is available on PC, iOS, Consoles, and Android.

How To Play Rec Room?

The game lets to build your own room and allows you to explore the rooms created by others. After login into the game first, you have created your avatar using cosmetics. You can choose each and every detail of your avatar, starting from hair to smiles, selecting from types of eyes to clothes to wear.

After creating your avatar, move you will take into the first location. The location will be the Orientation, where do not have to perform any game, just have to explore the place and a guide will be there to help you. There will be many different rooms, with different activities where you can practice different games also. After orientation, you have to join the games and play.

Features Of Rec Room

If you are new to Rec Room, then you have lots of things to explore. Rec Room is a lovable and welcoming community to join and enjoy with people whom you love to. Here are some awesome features this app has-

Games of Rec room
  • CONTROL: The game was intially built for VR headsets, but now you can play it without the VR headsets using different controllers. That is why is a feature provided by the app, to better understand the controls of diffrent devices. The control sections includes watch menu, screen mode, basic controls and many other featues also. The basic controls has all the detail description and acess of playing games using VR headset, whereas the screen mode has access to play without VR.
  • LOCATIONS: Locations is the virtual rooms of Rec Room which player need to visit. There are on total 8 loactions available. Orientation rooms for giving tutorials and tour of Rec Room to new players, Dorm rooms, custom room, Rec Center, Lounge, park, marker room, and performance hall.
  • COSMECTICS: This features is basically for the customized look of your avatar and other objects. This section also has sub-categories. The sub-categories are cosmetic sets, shirts, items skins, cosmetic items, weekly roration, hats, consumables, and accessories. In Cosmetic sets you will all the thing to wear. To get cosmetic sets you need to play games to win rewards. There are few sets there, which are avavilble for limited period of time.
  • CREATIVE TOOLS: This is the most creative part of the Rec Room. It offers tool to generate content. Tools such as Mrker Pen, Watch Menu, custom rooms, costume Dummy, circuits and Inventions. The Marker Pen is used to create 3D shapes of any colour, it is a replacement of primitive 3D pen. One ca get in the Backpack menu of watch menu.
  • COMMUNITY: The community features is all about events, player-created rooms, and user group. The events include meet-ups organized by Rec room. Events has details about competitions, upocoming events, performances, game jams, Rec Con and, Time-Limited Cosmetics. User group is sub-community created by players. Here players with atleast one common interest form a group.The Player-created room is basically a custom room that has Player created games, art rooms, performance rooms, Tech demos, hangout rooms, hub rooms and featured room archives.
  • RecRoom Original Games: It has all in-built games of rec room, which are originally created by the rec room developers and that follow the Rec room rules. The player developed games are different. The orginal games include Dodgeball, Disc Golf, Isle of Lost Skulls, Soccer, Stunt Runner, Laser Tag, The curse of the Crimson Cauldron, The Rise Of Jumbotron, Rec Rally, Rec Royale, Crescendo of the blood moon, Bowling, Paddleball, Paintball, Quest of the Golden Trophy, Quests, Paintball, PaddleBall, 3D Charades.

Rec Room Quests

Rise Of Jumbotron

It is the second quest that players have to face. To win Rise Of Jumbotron contact your friends and make a team. It is a difficult and long quest, if you want to survive till the end try to cover yourself and keep in touch with your team members. By defeating the main boss of Jumbotron you will get the rise of jumbotron reward that is a chance to receive a piece of the Space Marine Set.

Is Rec Room Available on Andriod?

The answer is Yes, it is now available on Android. Although it is an online in-built VR headset game, there is a mode called Screen Mode that is present in the app that allows playing Rec Room even if you don’t have a VR headset.

The Screen mode allows you to access the game on PC, Xbox series X/S, Xbox One, Playstation, Android, and iOS devices using Keyboard, a mouse, 360 controllers for Xbox, and a DualSense controller.

Rec room Apk

Controls For Andriods and iOS devices

The controls for android and iOS are pretty the same. The chart given below will help you to understand the controls and their uses-

SprintDrag the walk button on up
WalkSwipe to the left side of the screen OR Drag and hold the Walk button
LookSwipe to the right side of the screen
WaveDrag the wave button
Pick upGet close enough to the object, so that the object comes to the centre of the screen and gets highlighted. The highlighted objects can be picked up by taping the highlighted object first then tapping the interact/pick up button.
Point ForwardWith empty hands tap the interact button
For equipment like Marker Pen, Share camera, or Rec Royale Tap the backpack button.
Other ActionsFor additional functions, tap and hold buttons on the screen.

Controls For PC with Xbox One And Xbox 360 Controller

The basic controls for PC and Xbox 360 are the same.

Basic Movements Control

SprintLeft Stick Click in
Move Left Stick
CrouchB Button
LookRight Stick
Fly A Button with a double tap
JumpA Button

Rec Room Apk

You can easily download the Rec Room App from the Google Play Store, all you need to do is visit Play Store and search for the Rec Room and download the app on your device but if you face any difficulties then you can download Rec Room Apk from a third party website but before downloading the Apk make sure the website is safe and secure to download the application.

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