QuickShortcutMaker Apk For Andriod

QuickShortcutMaker is an application organizer for your device. It quickly manages multiple apps, tools and creates a shortcut for them on your mobile as its name says. Basically, this app helps you to manage your app, personalize your Andriod phone, and save lots of your precious time.

The app is available on Google Play Store having a 4.1 rating and good reviews. QuickShortcutMaker is best suited when you are struggling with lots of applications on your mobile or when running out of space or not able to find any app from a bunch of apps. For all the above-mentioned problems, this app is best suited, it will all this job for you.

The developers of the app keep on updating their app with new features and fixing bugs. It is a very easy and handy app with a great user interface.

New Features Of QuickShortcutMaker

  • Language translator is added, to make it more conveint for users. It is already available for French, Polski, Spanich, German, Japanese, Lebanese, Bahsa Indonesia and few other language also. And the recently added languages are Arabic and Italian.
  • It has adapted the new theme that is Andriod 7 theme which is very good to use.
  • The developers has taken the initiative to take feedback from the users, to make the app better.
  • From few old versions, the app is showing some bugs preventing Google Plus Shortcut to be accessed. This time they fixes this bug and now it is easily accesible.
  • Problem in User interface is fixed and giving good user experirnce.
  • Shortcut Editing screen is added successfully.
  • In the theme the number of icons is displaying.
  • Many new themes were being added, you can choose from Nove / ADW/ Go / LancherPro / Apex.
  • A section for History and Favourites is made, to enchance the future expreince.
  • Andriod 4.0 user style is also added.
  • The activity list is also re-designed and now all the activities are grouped by the app itself.
  • The memory consumption of QuickShortcutmaker is low, which decreases the chance of crashing app on low memory device.
  • Features like filter and sorted by name were added. That makes the search easy and fast.
  • Icon getting smaller while using the app on tablet, this bug is also fixed now.
  • Works very efficiently on Andriod Tablets also.
  • Features to Report any error, is also added. This feature is very much needed on QuickShortcut maker to report consistent messages for example- Fail to load while using the application.
  • Now while editing, you are allowed to open the App info screen.
  • Feature to share app informations and details through text is also added.
  • The user interface of shortcut editing screen is very well improved now.
  • New format of Text are added, to improve Text sharing feature.
  • At a time, you can work with multiple apps on the activity list without any crashing. Adding an additional feature to add all the app to your favourites or to be shared.
  • You can create shortcuts to the hidden settings on Andriod using QuickShortcutMaker.
  • Now you can Bypass Google verification using QuickShortcutMaker.
  • Unlock FRP by using this app.
  • This a free platform with simple user interface and hassle free shortcut maker.
  • Helps to avoid multiple screen taps.

Uses Of QuickShortcutMaker

1. Create Shortcuts

Quickly organize your phone application.

This is one of the main use of QuickShortcutMaker, that is it creates shortcuts of all the applications on your mobile home screen. Creating shortcuts saves a lot of time and improves your productivity. Here we will share with you two easy methods to create shortcuts.

We are taking the Chrome app in incognito mode for example. Here are the steps to create shortcuts using QuickShortcutMaker-


Step1. Download the QuickShortcutMaker App from Google Play Store. In case it does not work go and download quickshortcutmaker Apk.

Step2. After the successful installment is done, open the app and search for an application or function that you want to create a shortcut. For example search chrome.

Step 3. Now open the list of activities, just by tapping the drop-down button beside Chrome (as an example).

Step4. Time to choose the kind of activity you want to place in your application. For example, we have chosen incognito mode.

Step5. Now an editing shortcut page will open, go to the bottom in the right corner and tap on CREATE button. It is done you have created a shortcut of application( example chrome in incognito) on the main screen of the phone.


Some time above mentioned method fails to execute. It seems to appear on Andriod 10 and later versions. But don’t worry we are here with another method. Just follow the steps.

Step1. Go to the main home screen of your phone.

Step2. Do a long tap in empty space. By doing context menu will open, choose widgets from the menu.

Step3. In widgets, find quickshortcutmaker app ( make sure you already downloaded it). Then tap on it and drag it to the home screen.

Step4. Now search for your required app example chrome.

Step5. Select the type of activity you want to use.

Step6. Finally, tap on the create button. And done, you will have your application shortcut on your mobile home screen.

2. Bypass FRP Google Verification

FRP is the in-built security of the google account of Andriod devices for Andriod Version 5.1 and higher. It happens sometimes you forgot the password or username of your google account. This is when you need to bypass FRP tools.

For bypassing FRP you can use QuickShortcutMaker Apk. We are sharing a simple method to do so. Make sure to download and install the QuickShortcutmarker. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below-

Step1. Go to the app, and search for Google Account Manager.

Step2. You will get many results, select the Google Account Manager that has “Type Email” and “Password”.

Step3. A new page will open, on the center of the screen you can see “Try”, tap on it.

Step4. Then on the right upper corner, you will see three-dot, tap on it.

Step5. Then select Browser sign-in.

Step6. Then you have to sign with an email and password.

Step7. Restart your Andriod phone and set up all initials.

Finally, you can see your account has been added, which means FRP has successfully been bypassed.

QuickShortcutMaker Apk

You can easily download QuickShortcutMaker from Google Play Store and manage your applications but if you face any problem while downloading the application then you can download the QuickShortcutMaker Apk from a third party website but before downloading the Apk file make sure the website is authoritative so that you won’t face any problem after downloading and installing the QuickShortcutMaker Apk on your device.

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