Pokemon Unite Apk Android

Pokemon Unite is an online arena game released for Andriod and iOs on 22 September 2021. This is the first MOBA (Multiple Online Battle Arena) games of the Pokemon franchise launched by Timi’s Studio and Pokemon Company. Initially, it was released only on Nintendo Switch.

It is a free-to-play online game with an in-game purchase. The basic feature is the same as other Pokemon Games as catching new wild pokemon, ranking up, evolving the pokemon, and defeating the opponent but with a new add-on mode of 5 vs 5 team battle in the arena.

Pokemon Unite is now on Android/ios.

There are many characters offered in Pokemon Unite Apk to select and your squad of five-member. One should make a squad that has all the basic skills required to defeat the opponent. Skills include defense, attacking, support, and all-rounder. This game cannot be played offline, it is an exclusive online game that required an internet connection for all modes and features.

Pokemons in the Pokemon Unite

There are many pokemon offered in the game with unique skills. They are also divided on the basis of special features so that you can make the best squad. The features are Attacker, Supporter, All-Rounder, Speedster, Defender. Choosing pokemon with the required attributes will make a balanced squad. Here are mentions of some top-rated pokemon of Pokemon Unite Apk on the basis of features-

ATTACKER: The pokemon included in this category are with low endurance but they excel at dealing heavy ranged damage to opponents.


ALL-ROUNDER: It includes pokemon having balanced offense and endurance, also they are highly tenacious fighters.


SPEEDSTER: This category includes pokemon having high mobility and offense but they excel at making quick attacks and scoring points.

Mobile Usability Of Pokemon Unite

DEFENDER: These pokemon excel in protecting their team and hindering opponents with high endurance.


SUPPORTER: These pokemon support their allies by inflicting the status of the opponents also they have the power to heal their enemies.

  • MR. MIME


The game has the basic rule to make a team of 5 members. So firstly select wisely the members of your team. After making your team, get down to the battlefield having the mindset to conquer each match against the rivals. While covering the areas of the rivals during battle, don’t forget to protect and defend your own base. Having a battle on your base also increases the chance of invading your area by the opponents.

Choose wisely when and which pokemon have to be sent during the battle to win the match. You can control the movement and direction of your pokemon, by using joysticks present on the left side of the screen. And at the same time, you can attack or defend using the action buttons.

There is one condition to conquer each one of the bases, one has to land all the pokeballs collected into the circle. When all the gauges became of your color, you will be one step closer to defeating the opponent and conquering their territory.

Pokemon Unite is a very addictive game, it lets the players put all the pokemon which they got after unlocking the tests. Always remember your rivals are also trying hard to defeat you, so keep your eye on each move and attack of your pokemon, you should be fast enough to surprise your opponents with your moves.

Minimum Requirements Of the System For Pokemon Unite


  • Processor : Octacore 1.8 GHz or Higher
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM or Higher
  • Graphics: Adreno 506 or higher
  • Andriod 5.0 or higher


  • Processor: A9 or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • iOS 12.0 or higher

The Pokemon Unite does not acquire much space from your device. It acquires only 1.5 GB of space of the device after downloading and installation is done. There the downloading decide must have at least 2 GB free space.

Download Pokemon Unite On Andriod/iOS

If you want to download the Pokemon Unite game on your android or iOS device, just follow the steps given below:

Step1. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store of your Android or iOS device. Now search Pokemon Unite game.

Step2. You will get lots of options, go for the first one the official one. Now click on the Install button.

Step3. After a successful installment is done, click on the open button. Now sign in to the game and enjoy it.

Pokemon Unite Features Available on Andriod/iOS device

  • Feature of Unite Squads is introduced, where trainers are allowed to team up with squadmates.
  • New held things to introduce new and fresh strategies.
  • New in-game events are launched where you can get super items. A super item can enchance the held items grade to 30. Also the game has made it easier for the trainers to get item enhancer.
  • Crossplay is now available in the game, so you can play on two platforms using single account. You have link the accounts of two platform.
  • Second Battlepass is introduced where brand new in-game cosmetic items are featured with new Holowear and special visual effects.
  • Allows multiple language, to it more friendly for users.
  • Some of the features of spectator mode are removed.
Pokemon Unite Lobby

Download Pokemon Unite On PC

You can play Pokemon Unite on PC using an emulator. Just Simply follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Download any free andriod emulator on your PC like Bluestacks.
  • Now complete the installation of emulator on your desktop.
  • After installation is complete, open the emulator and search Pokemon Unite in the search bar.
  • Install the game from app store.
  • After complete installation of game is done, you can see an icon of the game on your desktop.
  • Now click and open the game and enjoy playing the game on your PC.

There is a common question that is searched much time. The question is “Is Pokemon Unite available in India?” The answer is Yes, it was launched in India on Wednesday 22 September 2021.

Pokemon Unite’s Item Gacha

Basically, Pokemon Unite has an energy rewards system, you can call it a mini-gacha of pokemon. Here players can take different items as a reward. Aeos are required to pull items from the energy system.

What is Aeos Energy?

Aeos is basically a type of energy that you collect during the matches while scoring points by defeating your opponent or after completing the match the energy currencies collected. The second collected energy can be used to pull items.

By winning Standard and Rank mode matches you will get 30 aeos and for losing a match you will lose 20 aeos. After collecting 100 aeos, it will be considered as a single unit of Energy Reward Gacha. For 30 times a day, one can use the aeos to get items. After collecting 30 items, you cannot collect further until Daily Reset.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a 2021 remake of 2006 Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. This game is released for Nintendo Switch only. The basic difference between the two versions of Pokemon is their exclusive Pokemon and handful of monsters. The story is the same as the previous original one, a story of a kid going on an adventure to defeat a monster before accidentally becoming the greatest fighter in the area.

Pokemon Unite Apk

If you face any problem while downloading the game from the Google Play Store then you can easily download the Pokemon Unite Apk from any third-party website for free of cost. For that, you simply have to search for the Pokemon Unite Apk on Google and then visit the website and download the apk file on your devices and then install the application, and then you can enjoy the game.

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