Ok Tested App: Entertainment, Fun, Quiz and Many More

Ok Tested is a free-to-download app available on the Google Play store. Its journey was started back in 2017 as a Youtube channel. The Founders of this app were also the founders of a well-known Indian digital company, ScoopWhoop.

Basically, Ok Tested provides you most interesting, entertaining, and engaging video content. Their content is available on both the place that is youtube channel and app. But the videos are released one day earlier on the app and not only that their app has some exclusive content that is not available on youtube.

In a very short span of time, they have grown so much, all because of the anchors they have. The Ok tested army has grown from being a normal employ of ScoopWhoop to most loved youtube faces. They have a variety of content starting from cook-off challenges, trying new things, breaking stereotypes, quizzes, tasting weird combinations, and many more. Their content is not only fun but also very informative sometimes. If you are having stress or something, you can go and watch their ok tested videos and feel relaxed.

Anchors Of Ok Tested

To make any videos or content requires a team. A team that includes a content writer, cameraman, director, assistant, and many people to make it presentable. So, there are many people behind the camera working hard for making video and there are some who faces the camera to make videos for us, whom we know as Ok Tested anchors such as ok tested kanishk, ok tested Sonali. So let discuss the prime faces of videos:

Ok tested anchors

Akshay Nayar: The guy who laughs like a machine gun sometimes, who loves to make musical puns which make the videos more melodious. His favorite drinking game is Eye contact. You have seen him in most of the videos. He is also known for his famous duo with Kanishk and Rohit Bhattacharya.

Kanishk Priyadarshi: He is the best content creator and the weirdest anchor of the Ok tested team from my point of view. He just loves to explore new things, you can call him an emo social butterfly. Kanishk can entertain in any situation with his cheap jokes. You can see him in most of the weird videos of Ok Tested.

Tenzing Wang Bhutia: This 24-year-old girl has rocked in every eating challenge video. She is a true food lover, Bollywood Diwani. Her fashion sense is also awesome.

There are many queries for where is Tenzing Wang Bhutia from, and the answer for the query is Tenzing is from Delhi but her native belongs from East India.

Aakansha Pushp: She is also a food lover with awesome cooking skills and world-famous Bhojpuri slang. Her eyeliner skill is just best. When two Bihari’s Aakansha and Kanishk come on camera together, they made people laugh a lot with Bihari accent and their Bhojpuri slangs.

Rohit Biswas: His bio says itself about him ” Main Frame ki Deewani Hu!”. This man never fails to awe people both behind the camera and in front of the camera. He embraces himself in every challenge video.

Satyam Jha Suman: The most eligible Sanskari bachelor of Ok Tested for marriage. He called himself Chai-sexual, because of his crazy love for chai. Satyam is not a shy guy but a chai guy. Satyam is from Odisha, Bihari by birth, and Kolhapuri from his chappal’s.

Joshua Moraes: The calmest and intelligent guy of Ok Tested. He is the half of #Team Science. Joshua is a man of few words with the most correct answers. You can call him the King Of Quiz.

Arushi Kapoor: She is the queen of Quizzes and called herself Human Pun generator who loves cats and dogs. As good and accurate she in quizzes but no good in cooking.

Kaustabh Chaturvedi: The man big with long curly hair to flaunt not so pahadon ka baba type. His love for Govardhan is eternal and his duo with Kanishk is forever. He always owns the Insults Face-Off videos.

Rohit Bhattacharya: Rohit is not a typical Bengali from Delhi. People love to call him Brohit. The audience loves him for his lazy kinda behavior and his jamming with Akshay. To date, there will be a few challenges in which he did not fail but this is the thing that makes him different from others. Rohit Bhattacharya Ok tested is one of the most searched anchors.

Sonali Mushahary: If you love to drink then you gonna love her too. Almost every alcohol-based challenge video will feature Sonali. Her bio says” Not high enough to write this bio…..”.

Features Of Ok Tested App

The app was made in a very simple and user-friendly way. The app is not filled with lots of junk but with many entertaining and interesting videos. App has a basic navigation bar that has options like Home page, search bar, favorites, inbox, and menu bar.

Home Page: By successfully logging into the Ok Tested app, who will welcome by home page. It has three options to explore. The first part is the Videos. The Video section has many things to explore, you will start with the latest video which was released, then comes the app-exclusive videos.

App exclusives videos are only available on the app, which has quizzes, ok Tested Minis, challenges, For the first time, and many more. Then have a section of recently added videos, trending videos. If you are new to this app and don’t know what to watch, no need to panic they have a section of most viewed videos.

Further to make the search easier for the audience, they have divided videos into different genres. They named this as shows, which includes For The First, Quizzes, Ok Tested Minis, Challenges, Fashion, Which is What, This Vs That, Bhootiyapa, Cook-off, pranks, Surviving The Day, Cheap Vs Expensive, Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts, Insults Face-Off, Celebrities, Unseen Footage, The Lie Detector, and My Treat.

Home Page also has videos from ScoopWhoop Channel, there are many things to explore like The Townhall Videos, SW Music, and Mann Ma Emotion.

The second part of the Home page is the Community feature here Ok tested keeps on posting videos and images to make a connection with the audience. This community feature makes an interactive relation between the audience and the team. Here you can comment and like the posts.

The Third feature is the Quizzes, where you play solo or can invite your friend to play with you on a video call. Also, have an option to play in a group. There are many categories in the quiz section such as Back 2 School, Pop Culture, Music, Sports Movies, IQ and Brainteasers, Mythology, pictures quizzes, and Tv.

Search Bar makes things easy to find. The favorite feature is to add and make a list of those videos which you love the most. The inbox feature is like the notification icon. And the last feature in the menu bar, which has your profile, apps policy, to report any problem, terms & conditions, and help & support options.

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