Minecraft Apk Download For Android

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the survival genre. In Minecraft, you simply live a virtual human life tackling all the challenges and adventures with your only power of intelligence and courage. It is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studio, a Swedish video game developer. Minecraft is a game of exploration, adventure, survival, and accomplishing fights. Initially, this game was made for the Java programming language by Markus Notch Persson. Later on, it was launched for many devices such as PC, iOs, etc.

After conquering the PC with Minecraft, Markus decided to compact the game for some users. He compacted the game in such a manner by maintaining its creativity and addictiveness. This compacted Minecraft was launched on August 16, 2011, named Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The name ‘Mine’ codes for the landscape made different kinds of cubes and the ‘Craft’ stands for creativity you have used to make buildings.

Additional Information About The App

  • Latest Version: v1.18.0.04
  • File Size: Varies with device
  • Android Requirement: 5.0or higher
  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Mojang

Minecraft: Pocket Edition was first launched exclusively for Xperia Play on Google Play Store. In the same year, it was launched for Andriod and iOs devices. Although the Pocket Edition of Minecraft makes a hardcore Minecraft player quite impatient because of some kinds of block and trapping the soul of Minecraft in the body of mobile.

An Open World To Explore

Minecraft world is very simple and extremely friendly. here the only mission to accomplish is to survive in the world alone, unlike other games with a special mission. The simplicity of the game makes it popular among people.

While exploring the world around there is nothing dangerous to be afraid of. While exploring the world you can anywhere, do anything as long you feel good to yourself. After the sunset, some dangerous activity can take place and fall in danger, so it is better to stay at home at night.

Everyday Something New To Discover, And Easy To Learn

Before starting the game, the player had to keep one thing in mind that is to become a nice and smart smithy. Characters in the game can be controlled by touch only. At first, start searching for a good amount of food. Players can find some wild fruits like berries and mushrooms in the forest, they will provide power and strength to the player to exist in the world of blocks. Later on, for more strength or protein players can do hunting for survival.

Minecraft Multiplayer

After hunting of food is done, now focus on collecting materials and types of equipment required to build the house. Start by collecting enough food for a few days then immediately shift your equipment used to build the house. Nothing is better than a home to store materials. A player house is the safest place, nothing can harm you right in your own place. The items used later are made on your smithy.

Make Own Your World Of Blocks

In real life, like everything is made of cells, in this virtual world of the game cell is replaced by blocks. Here each and everything starting from clothes, trees, water, ground…etc all are made of blocks.

Blocks are found and stored in the inventory after mining. During the extraction of blocks, one should know the limits of the block that their backpacks can handle. Before stacking things players should have a chest for themself. In the process of extraction when items cannot stack up more, players can carry the items to their home and store them. As the level goes up, slowly more and more mystery will be revealed. The players have to solve all the mysteries with patience and understand everything without any guide.

Describe Your World With Your Creativity

The development of Minecraft is simply based on a sequence of the real world. For example, if you want to make a stick, first collect some wooden blocks, then arrange them in straight line OR you want to make a bow, then search for wooden sticks, for the thread you have to kill a spider to collect silk and braid them into strings and then join the stick and string together. So, the game requires the skill of real-life to survive in reel life.

Your craft recipes and ability to work will help to design the items you require and make the game more attractive. New items creation and forge of your smithy will be always required in the game. Encounter with terrible creatures like monsters, beasts, zombies and even meeting legendary animals such as Unicorn, Dragons, Phoneix…etc can fall the players in a dangerous situation. That why news items are should be made to be safe throughout the adventurous journey. Each step will make the game more difficult so the craft recipes or formulas will also be more complicated. A good player needs to remember all the recipes or designs to make anything when required in the game.

Never Ending World With New Updates And New Adventures

The Minecraft world actually has an endpoint but it became hard to find in such a short amount of time. New Worlds can be opened by exploring caves. Exploring caves is fun a player can dig underground. Opening a mysterious place can lead to new worlds, they have such portal powers. Encounter with dangerous creatures can happen anytime and the decision to stay there and fight or run away. Nether is the latest world to explore.

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