MEESHO: Social Commerce To E-Commerce Platform Journey

Recently in April 201, Meesho has become India’s Latest Unicorn company. The journey to became a unicorn is raised by the funding of $300 million by the Japanese company SoftBank Group Crop. Meesho is an India-based social e-commerce company started by two IIT graduates Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey in December 2015.

When the whole world is facing a pandemic and unemployment, Meesho came forward as a platform to help small businesses to work from home and also gave an option to become a re-seller. In 2019, It become the first Indian startup to receive funds from Facebook.

Meesho Seller

Now, this platform has worth $2.1 billion by fundraising. There is a massive jump that can be seen from 2019 when it was $700 million by receive funds of $125 million. Also, they have joined the first batch of Google launchpad- Solve for India program and in Aug 2021, they got the title of India’s most downloaded application in many categories.

The prime idea of the six-year-old Meesho company is to connect the resellers to consumers through easy social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. It also promotes women’s entrepreneurship, data reveals the same. There are more than 70% of Meesho entrepreneurs are women.

They have also launched a new leave policy for new parents of Meesho. The policy presents 30 weeks of leaves to parents irrespective of their gender, marital status, sexual identity, or any condition of parenthood means either natural birth, surrogacy, or adoption. This policy is an initiative towards non-discrimination in genders.

The policy says if the person is a primary caretaker of the child then they will get up to one year leave which includes 30 weeks of paid leave and remaining months with 25% of salary. And if the person is the secondary caretaker then they will get leave of 30 days.

Ad Campaigns

In December 2020, Meesho has released its first advertisement on air to promote women’s empowerment and to connect to consumers directly. At that time they are just a social income-generating company but their recent advertisement campaigns “Sahi Sahi lagao” give the indication that they are about to join the big league of e-commerce. By the second direct-to-consumer ad, they have targeted 500 million consumers to connect across the country.

Ad Campaign

Features Of Meesho App

Home Page: The home page contains all the other features of the app. It has a search bar, wishlist, notifications bell, shopping cart, categories, orders, community, profile, and account. When you log in to the Meesho app the first thing they want is ” How would you like to join the app as a seller or buyer?”

If you choose buyer, then you will land up to the home page. The first you will get there is the multiple categories for things of your use. Then you will see the current offers or deals going on the app.

They also had a contest section where you can earn many offers which you can use in future shopping. The contest you will find there is Refer And Earn, where you have to invite your family and friends to join Meesho as an entrepreneur and will get a commission of each they made. In the first three sales, you will get 25% off the sale. For that, you just have to share a referral code and became a reseller.

categories of meesho

The a few other games going on but recently they have started a contest whereby shopping in a given a limited period of time you can get the chance to go to The Kapil Sharma Show.

The home page has a Trending Now section where one can get best-sellers products, under 299 stores, Navratri special, and many more. There are top picks section which provides under 199 stores, products for next day dispatch, newly launched, most wish-listed things.

Categories: This is the main and most interesting feature of the Meesho app. Here you will get thousands of products at a very reasonable rate. This is the most important feature of this app in that it offers your desired product at very affordable prices.

The category includes multiple sections to explore. It has two sections for women, one is women’s ethnic part which has sarees, Kurtis, suits, kurta sets, dupatta sets, lehengas, and other ethnic wear. The second part is of Women western clothes which include top wear, bottom wear, plus size, innerwear, sleepwear, maternity wear, sportswear.

Then comes the men’s section it has topwear, bottom wear, accessories, footwear, men ethnic wear, innerwear & sleepwear. The Kids section has 2 sections one is for girls and boys of age 2+ and the other is for infants of 0-2 years. There are also a few other sections in the kid’s category like toys and accessories, baby care.

The home & kitchen category has a section kitchen appliance where you get products required in the kitchen and the other section is for furnishing where your products are related to your living and bedroom.

The other categories are Beauty & health, Jewellery & accessories, Bags & Footwear, Electronics, Sports & Fitness, Car & motorbikes, Office supplies & stationery and, pet supplies.

Orders: This feature of the Meesho app, gives you the detail of things you have ordered in past, items that are shipped, delivered, canceled, exchanged, and returns.

Ad Campaign

Community: This section is for sellers and Meesho to keep their consumers updated. Here sellers can post about their upcoming products releases and Meesho also keeps on posting puzzles and quizzes to keep the consumers busy and interactive with their app.

Account: This part gives you information about your profile. It has many parts to explores. Let’s start with the first section that is “My Journey” here they have created many designations like Beginner, Learner, Graduate, expert, and legend. You will a lot a designation according to points you have by selling or buying products. The points started from zero and goes to 1000.

Every designation comes with some benefits like if you earn 250 you will reach the Graduate level. The benefits you get here are a Monthly spin where you can earn up to 100 points, MBA where you can learn and earn both, Level up credits earn rewards up to Rs.10, League where get a chance to win up to 10000.

The account has other things to explore like can make your business logo or become a supplier and many more things.

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