Ludo King Apk For Android

Ludo King is the new version of the contemporary Pasichi game played on board in the Mughal time. Ludo King is a mobile application where the free online Ludo game can be played. It is very popular among Indians. In general, at least one member of any Indian house daily play online Ludo.

It was developed in 2016, by a Mumbai-based company Indian Studio Gameliton Pvt Ltd. The popularity and downloads of the game have increased to a new peak during the COVID-19 pandemic. It works as a great reliever and also connects people to their families and friends during tough times. In some houses, it became a part of daily routine to play Ludo on evening tea-time.

Theme of Ludo King

The demand for Ludo King is not limited to only India, but it has reached 30 different countries and is available in 14 languages. It has become the No.1 game in the Top Free Game category on both Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. Also, it has crossed 500 million downloads and it is happening first time in the Indian game section.

The game can be played on Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Kindle, and Microsoft Windows Platform. Playing Ludo is a nostalgic feeling for almost every 90’s kid, playing Ludo during summer vacation was a compulsory tradition at that time. This online game allows you to play with anyone around the world.

Snake and Ladder game of Ludo King

Features Of Ludo King

The are many thrilling features of Ludo King to experience. Here are a few of the features mentioned below-

  • Multi-player mode is availble, that means many players can play Ludo at a time. From 2 players to 6 players can play one match together. A normal ludo board has maximum four players capacity. If you’re short of player, bot are availble to play with you.
  • You can choose colour and name of your player.
  • Team up feature is also available, where two players can team and played against other team up.
  • Daily Free coins can be earned. Also Daily Bonus are there, they can be collected once a day. Daily Bomus are given for 7 days,and with each day number of coins keep on increasing. The collected coins can be doubled by watching videos.
  • Spin and earn coins. You just have to click on the spin and where the spin get stop, the given number of coins you will get. The spin can be used again within a interval of time, you will gete a notification for that.
  • There a special feature launched in the game, Lucky 7. Lucky 7 is basically a dice game, where two six sided dices were rolled and the total result will be counted. Here you have three optionto choose from, the option were made on the basis of total sum of dice number. The first option is below 7, second is exact seven, third is above seven. If you select second option and score exact 7, you will earn 3x coins, and if you select first and third option, you can earn 2x coins.
  • There is a special offer going on in the new version of Ludo King, where you have pay only Rs.10, and you can 10,000 coins or 50 diamonds.
  • Also you can invite your any friends or family member, get upto 15,000 coins. For this login with you facebook id and send invitations.
  • There is a special pass called King pass, which is an one time purchase pass for cost Rs.480. From King Pass, you will get King Bagde on your profile, unlocked lobbies, 100,000 coins, 125 diamonds, 7 days talk time, marble theme, Advertisement free game for lifetime.
  • Now the Ludo King has launched mutliple theme option to make user interface more attractive. There are many theme available which will cost for Rs.180. Options for theme are the basic one which is already selected by-default. Then you have nature theme, Egypt theme, Disco theme, marble theme exclusive for King Pass, candy theme, and many more are coming soon.
  • Voice Chat option is also there. It can be used to talk with your friends while playing the games. To avail voice chat you have recharge/refill it time to time. There is an option for unlimited voice chat.
  • The online Ludo King can be played with any random person across the world or with friends or with computer. But there is an option availble for offline game that is Pass N Play.
  • The Ludo King has the Snake and Ladder game too.
  • The latest feature of the this new version are the bugs are fixed, multiple player option, finish the game in short period of time not like classic mode. The classic mode take upto 15 min to 40 min whereas the fast mode take about 5 minutes.
  • The cons of the latest version is it heats the device, and in-game purchases are a bit expensive.
Multiplayer mode of Ludo King

Ludo King Download On PC

Yes, you have read it right, Ludo King can be downloaded on PC. As we know it’s an android game, so to use the app on PC you need to install an emulator first. To download the latest version of Ludo King follow the steps-

Step1. Download an emulator on your first. There are many options available on the web for emulators select one and download it.

Step2. While the emulator is installing, go and complete the sign-up process of the Google Play Store. This step can be done later also.

Step3. After the emulator is successfully installed, go to the search bar on the top right corner and Look for Ludo King.

User friendly layout of Ludo KIng

Step4. From the given search results, go and click the install button for Ludo King.

Step5. Now wait for installing the app, and if you have completed the step2 here you have to sign in.

Step6. Click on the icon of Ludo King on your home screen and start playing.

Download Ludo King Apk

You can download Ludo King App from Google Play Store easily all you need to do is visit the site search for the Ludo King and install the application on your Android phone easily but if you face any problem while downloading the application from Play Store then you can also download the Ludo King Apk file.

To download the Apk file of ludo king you need to search for the Ludo King Apk in Google and then you can download from the Ludo King APk from a trusted website, as there are so many different websites are available which can harm your device so make sure before downloading the application. And if still you have any question you can comment down below and we will be more than happy to guide you with your problem regarding the app.

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