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LeaveHomeSafe is an application launched by the government of Hong Kong for public safety. The whole world is going through a pandemic for the last 2 years and each year comes a new variant of the coronavirus. But it is not possible to sit at home anymore, people need to go out for work, vacations to earn and be happy. And all this came with a big risk of contracting COVID.

So, to enhance people’s safety, this app is made. It helps to keep the history of your visit and in case you have visited the place where a suspected or confirmed COVID patient has already visited, you will get a notification on your mobile and precautions will be also sent to you.

LeaveHomeSafe app was released on 24 November 2020 by the government of Hong Kong.

Additional Information About the LeaveHomeSafe

  • Version: 3.0.1
  • File Size: 50.80 MB
  • Andriod Requirement: Android 8 or higher
  • Price: Free
  • Developer: GovHK, OGCIO, HKSARG

FOR APPLE/iOS: 12 or higher


Scan QR code by LeaveHomeSafe

Features Of LeaveHomeSafe

  • This app keep records of visits. Whenever you enter a venue, just open the app, click “Enter” to allow the camera to scan the QR code of the venue. For taxi, you have to click “Get On” then click on “Auto Recognise” to scan the registration mark present of yellow plate inside the taxi or you can just enter the registration number of taxi. While leaving the venue or taxi just tap on “Leave” Button. All the related records will stored on your device. The visits records automatically erased after 31 days.
  • You can report preliminary or confirmed positive on the app. In case of confirmed positive, the patient need to enter the One-time password provided by the Centre For Heath Protection [CHP]. Then to upload the confirmned report press “Report Confirmed Positive Or Preliminary”. This will help CHP for further investigation.
  • Here you will receive a notification in case of exposure to virus. The app user will ge notify, if the user were on the same place at about same time with a recently confirmed COVID-19 patient. The notification has the information of when and where the exposure might occured. Also health advice will be sent to users to remind the precautionary measures to take and seek medical treatement in case needed.
  • User can store their vaccination report and testing together with the QR code on the app. One just have to scan the QR code present on the vaccination report and it will be uploaded on the app. Users have access to add and remove their details from the app whenever they want.
  • LeaveHomeSafe didnot require any registration or account linking. Just download the app from app store of your device.

How To Download LeaveHomeSafe Apk On Andriod?

The LeaveHomeSafe App is available on Google Play Store. But in some countries, it is not available on the Play Store. And sometimes the original version on Google Store is not working properly. In this kind of situation, you should go for the Apk file of the app.

Download the LeaveHomeSafe Apk

As the apk file is available on a third-party website. You will lot of results for LeaveHomeSafe Apk on the internet, but you should be aware of the website from where you are downloading the file. Because some websites were providing fake apks and some websites are having malware which can cause to your device.

So to download the latest version of LeaveHomeSafe Apk, always check an authentic website on the internet.

Features Of LeaveHomeSafe

Installation Process Of Apk

STEP1. After the downloading of LeaveHomeSafe Apk from an authentic website is done. The installation process will be started.

STEP2. Before installing the app on your Android device, you have to “enable unknown sources” of your mobile. That means you are taking permission for installing a third-party file. To enable unknown sources, go to the settings of your phone then search for the security option and then click on Enable Unknown sources.

STEP3. Now when the unknown sources are enabled, go to the file manager of your device and look for your LeaveHomeSafe Apk app on the downloaded page. Then click on the Install button.

STEP4. Wait till the process of installation is done. And when it is done enjoy the application.

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For more information about the app, you can check their official website https://www.leavehomesafe.gov.hk/en/download/

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