KingRoot For Androids

KingRoot is one of the most popular androids tools for rooting available. To get the experience of new technologies and features of android, you do not need to purchase new phone. This tool will help you to have all the new features, user-friendliness of higher andriods, flexibility, and controls over your mobile phone. You can root your Android by just one click.

A successfully rooted android can be customized very easily by the owner itself, no need of any kind of Techincal Masters.With the help of KingRoot, user can change appearance, uninstall or install any app without any restrictions. Basically, you can enhance your mobile functioning and features and download tons of applications using this app. Also you can enjoy all this features free of cost.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a techinal term used for unlocking the Andriod and getting control, full access over the operating system of device. By rooting your Andriod device you will get Super Permission, and get the chance to enjoy every features of your device such as using Ad blocking, removing Bloatware to save more battery or speed up the mobile. The method in iOs is termed as ‘Jailbreak’.

Minimum Requirement To Download KingRoot Apk 5.4.0

To download the latest version 5.4.0 KingRoot, your Android device must fulfill this minimum requirement-

  1. Free Space- 13 MB (minimum)
  2. Andriod version- 2.3 or higher
KingRoot Features

Features Of KingRoot

  • This fully functioning complete app is avaliable for free.
  • No need of PC to root your device, the app have special capacity to root without PC.
  • The process of rooting is very seamless, within a flash of light the app recognize and root the android device.
  • To enjoy all the privilage of root, just one click is required.
  • No risk of virus or malware. Every time you will get virus-free updated version. It is an trusted application since 5 years.
  • Very Compact application, donot require much space of your device.
  • The app has very high compatibility, that is why the latest version of 2021 supports every reputated brands.
  • One of the best features of the KingRoot 5.4.0 version is you can unroot anytime you want, in case you are not comfortable with the root format.
  • This app helps you to speed up your Andriod. It happen with everyone that your mobile phone started lagging or slow down after some time. It might possible due to overloading of apps, lots of cache files, less space. All these reasons are might effect the speed and performance of your Andriods. But KingRoot helps to overcome this problem.
  • Rooting helps to saves Battery of your mobile. Low power battery is one of the most problem Andriod users are facing. The reason could the background apps running, which are sometime not neccesary but they consume lot of your battery power.
  • The app ensures to make better backups. Today in the world where people were fully surrounded with electronics like Mobile, tablets, and many more. Every one store their important data and documents on the devices, but each of us should keep in mind these device can get crashed anytime vanishing your data. So keeping backups is very important, that is what this app helps us to do.
  • You can block ads by rooting with the help of KingRoot. It is very true that everyone get frustated by the pop-ups ads that came in between your videos. This app will help to get complete rid of this problem.
  • It is the high that you should enchance your Android performance by customizing User Interface and user expreince of your device. Make your user interface more appealing with more ease, because you spent most of your time with your mobile. So you can customize your device using KingRoot.
  • This apps helps to save lots of time.
  • You should have noticed that your mobile has come some pre-installed useless app, that you have never used. These apps are knowns as Bloatware, they just accquiring lots of space and making your mobile heavy and slow. Also you cannot uninstall these Bloatware normally. But rooting will help to uninstall Bloatware using this application.
KingRoot Andriod Uses

How To Use KingRoot Apk On Android Without PC?

Although the KingRoot app is safe to use, but sometime you may find on Google Play Store. In that case you check the KingRoot Apk file and download it from any safe and authentic website.

Here we will provide you step by process to use KingRoot Apk on Andriod on PC-

  1. Download the KingRoot Apk 5.4.0 and start the installment process. For installation go to the file manager, then to download you will the app their.
  2. Now start the KingRoot Apk on your device.
  3. Then the app will start detecting device details. After the checking is done, the app will provide you answers of root details.
  4. Now the app will start the process of root. You will a padhock marks after detecting is done. Your mobile screen will show “Your Device is not Root yet”, then it will show “Try new root Strategy”.
  5. There will a button “TRY ROOT”, tap on it to start the rooting on your device.
  6. After tapping the button, you will the percentage of rooting done on the screen. Remember not to switch off the power button and continous internet connection is required.
  7. After the process of rooting is done, you will “Root Successfully” on your mobile screen.
  8. The KingRoot will start automatically security check.
  9. If the King app found any issue, then you should click on optimize button.
  10. Now finally you will become the super admin of your device.

How To Unroot Androids?

Sometimes it happens that you have rooted your device and you are not feeling good with the experience. So want to unroot your device but you are facing difficulty while doing so. Don’t worry we are here with some simple step-by-step process to unroot any Andriod.

STEP 1. Go to the Google Play Store, and search for “SuperSU” application.

STEP 2. Now download and install the SuperSu app on your device.

STEP 3. Open the SuperSU app and go to the app setting menu.

STEP 4. Search for “Full Unroot” option by scrolling down the setting menu page.

STEP 5. Tap on the Full Unroot and run it.

STEP 6. After the process get completely finished, now can its time to enjoy your Android is fully unrooted and back to the orginal condition. Now you can uninstall the root app from your device.

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