Instagram: Most Popular Social Media App

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide at the current time. It was created in America by Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom. In 2012, Facebook has bought Instagram for about US$1 Billion in cash and stocks.

Initially, it is a video & photo-sharing social networking service in America only. Those photos and videos can be edited with filters and the location and hashtags are also can be used. The posts can be shared publicly or with followers. At that time, the 640 pixels are used to match the display width of the iPhone. But after 2015, the pixels restriction was lifted and 1080 pixels are used now.

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Layout Of Instagram

when you will the app, the first page where you land is the homepage. The top section of the homepage has a story section where you can see the daily stories of people you’re following and you can also add a story to from there. The top left part of the display has 2 icons. One is the symbol of plus(+) that represents adding a new post.

Instagram user

A new post can be a photo or video which will last on your feed and your followers can see it. When a person posts something on their Instagram, then his/her followers can like the post or can comment on the post or they can send that to any friend, and also there is a feature to save that post.

The other icon on the top left corner is of messages. Only from the homepage, you can see the number of messages you have received. When you click on the message icon you will land on the message page from where you send or receive messages.

The layout is so smooth and user-friendly. Just for an instance, you can reach the message pages directly by just swipe right on the homepage.

At the bottom of the homepage layout has 5 icons, one the homepage itself, then comes the search icon, after that reels icon, then comes the activity icon and the last one is for your profile page. The layout of Instagram keeps on changing many times since it was made. But surely every time, the new layout comes, it comes with simple, advanced techniques and user-friendly features.

Instagram Layout

The search icon has many things to explore. Starting from food, fitness, fashion, makeup, entertainment, memes, news, general knowledge, DIYs, and many more. There are millions of photos and videos are available related to the above-mentioned things. So you can learn, entertain here in one place.

The reels section is basically a platform where you make short videos and share. The video can be made in any journal. People can flaunt any of their talents on this platform and the viewers can learn and enjoy. The video can be of a dance/ act/ recipes/makeup/clothing/sing a song/ yoga or gym/ art & craft etc. Recently Instagram has released a new feature advertisement. So in between the reels, you will see some ads are running.

Features Of Instagram

Videocalling & Chatting

Instagram has this feature to connect your friends and family via chatting or video calling. You can also make a group of your friends so that you will connect to many people at a single call. There is also a wide range of emojis and stickers available to send which are quite funny and relatable.

Emojis and stickers make the conversation a little bit interesting and you can enjoy the boring chats also. The process of chatting sometimes becomes so boring, but don’t worry there is one more option to connect that is video calling. Video calling is connecting more than chatting because here you can see face to person on the other which makes the conservation more easy and it is more convenient to share your emotions.


Like many other social media apps, Instagram launches this feature of advertisements. They start selling products to gain profit. When your scroll Instagram you will see many ads running in between the posts or between the reels.

For small business entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity to reach buyers and grow their businesses. You sell any products starting from paintings, clothing, frames, anything. To run ads for your product, they charge some amount which is quite affordable.

Instagram Story


Hashtags are a very simple way to organize the content. That means there are many hashtags for very categories. So you can search for anything you want to, by only using hashtags. You can also use hashtags when you post something on Instagram. For a single post, you can use as many hashtags as you want.


In 2016, they launched Instagram Stories, which allows you to add photos or video clips that last for 24 hours. This is a very feature for people who don’t have much time to post every day, you can simply add a story, to keep daily updates for your followers. Anyone can react to your story by sending emojis or by sending comments which redirect on the message pages.


Instagram Reel

Reels are short videos of few minutes to explore your talents. If you know Tik Tok, reels are quite the same as them. On the explore page you can get the Reel feed. It is a 15 seconds video, in which one can add music, effects of own choice.

You can see reels of the most famous and trending accounts in your reel feed, also you can search reels of other accounts by using the search icon. While watching these small videos one like, comment, and share. the layout of the is quite good, the top right part has a camera like an icon, where you can make a reel.

Then below that of the right side, there is a heart shape icon that one can use to like the reel, just below there is a messenger-like option for commenting on the video. Just below the comment option, there is a paper plane like an icon for share, if you show the video to your other Instagram friend or you want to add it to your story.

Just below the share icon, there is a three dot-like option, when you click on the icon they are features provided for your comfort. The features are Report, use it when you find them inappropriate. Then it is a Not Interested option when you use that then the Algorithm of Instagram will not show you such kind of video. Then there is a save, copy link, and share option. At last, there is a Remix The Reel option that is also provided to mix reels with each other.

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