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Human Fall Flat is a dreamy puzzles game, developed by Tomas Sakalauskas in 2016. The game goal is to avoid the surreal dreamy fall of the human-like characters by solving the puzzles or riddles. The riddles that came on the way can be solved using your marbles and basic Physics knowledge. It can be played solo or with friends, up to eight players can play at a time.

The no-feature look and wobbly walk of the human characters make the game funny. The human character of the game is called by the name Bob. Bob is a feature-less white human, wearing a baseball cap, with no superhuman powers. The features provided to Bob in the game are he can grab things and can climb using his arms, also use his head to look at objects. The basic idea of the Human Fall Flat is to escape the dream of Bob, where he fell, and to escape one to solve the Puzzle.

Power Plant Level

After the release, the game has got mixed feedback from critics. People love the funny as well as the problem-solving feature of the game. By 2021, it has 30 million users. It can be played on MacOs, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Play Station 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo switch, Google Stadia, iOS, and Andriod.

Different Levels Of Human Fall Flat

There are a total of 17 levels launched on Human Fall Flat. And the developers have said, “there are many more to come”. Some of the levels are hard to clear because of their unique mechanics and visuals. Here are some of the hardest levels of the game which will force you to use most of the brain.

  • Forest: Forest is one of the newest level added to the game in recent time. Here the map is a set of campground with trees and mountains. Untill you found abandoned mines, crashed planes. The difficult part of the game starts when you need to collect specific items to reach advance, finding a minecraft from the remaining of the destroyed rocks, climbing over power lines and pulling of broken areoplanes. It is a part of Extra Dreams.
  • Power Plant: This level is hard on few point and remaining is quite simple. Here the basics map is of some factory where there are trucks, machinery and plants present. The player have to activate the machineries to reach future goals. The hardest part of the game came when the player have to collect coal on the highway using a dump truck going up and down. And the remaining task of collecting items is quite easy here. You can find them either right or left side on the way.
  • Dark: One of the hardest level of the Human Fall Flat. Only this level has use of electricity to gear up the game. The dark level has horror theme. This level is the most puzzled and very adventurous to players who love difficulty. Here you will need to chop down the trees, pulling back the minecraft to cave, unwind the clock tower, and a hiker skin to enter the hardest part of the level. The task here is to find the batteries to power up the elevator.
Neon City of Human Fall Flat
  • Water: Water levels has most difficult part that the moving vehicles like boats, ships. This level is best to play with a friends. Taking a ship or boat from one shoreline to another side of the shore is very hard, and adding the diffiulty are lifting the cargo using crane, opening of a dam on the top of the mountain using the chairlift.
  • City: The level of difficult has increased to another step in the City level. This is one of the most puzzled level focused on atheletic part. The theme here is kinda neon. The athlectic part includes bowling, archery, and basketball. Solving the puzzles is a difficult task to perform but with a limited time it became more hard. To unlock the city exit players have to fly drone across the city.
  • Mansion: This level is like a tutorial level good for beginners. It helps to learn the core of concept of the game, to know the shortcuts to reach the end. The level is quite short and the difficulty level was quite low.
  • Aztec: This is the last level of Human Fall Flat original series, where the player have to use his all skill and knowledge learnt in last levels. Here the task are quite difficult to do. Moving a big mount of rock by only using 2 sticks. There are few random objects are need to collect in this level to move forward in this game. The hardest part of this level is the perfect landing down the slope with a big boulder.
  • Steam: In the steam level of Human Fall Flat, the players have to do some pipeline work. As the game goes near to the end, the difficult part were keeps on increasing and make it worst.

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