HOTSTAR: An Entertainment App Of Star India

Hotstar is an Indian Brand of subscribed on-demand video streaming platform. Its service operators were Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution owned by Star India. Both star India and Disney are part of The Walt Disney company.

In April 2020, Hotstar was integrated with Disney and came as a new brand Disney+Hotstar. The reason for this is that India Hotstar was operated by Novi Digital Entertainment which is a subsidiary part of Star India and when Disney+ was launched worldwide, it already has its part in India as Hotstar so they come with Disney+Hotstar.

Besides India, Disney+Hotstar services are available in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. They have planned to launch in the Philippines by 2022, and in Singapore, United States, Cannada, The United Kingdom the Hotstar works on targeting overseas Indian audiences.

Disney+Hotstar logo


Officially Star India launched it in February 2015, to stream the 2015 Cricket World Cup and upcoming Indian Premier League 2015. Later on, they also live-stream other sports also like football and Kabbadi.

In 2016, they started a subscription feature for international content and some premium sports. In the same year when the LTE-wireless Jio network launched in India other online streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix came up with huge growth but at that time also Hotstar remains on the top in the Indian market. By 2017, Hotstar has reached 300 million downloads being the highest in the country.

Subscription Plans

There are three plans in total, out of which two are for laptops and TV. There is a free pack available for which you don’t have to pay any amount, in this pack you can enjoy selected free movies and Tv shows with ads, live news channels, and 5 mins of live cricket streaming.

subscription Plan of Hotstar
  1. Mobile Plan: This is only for mobile users, it cannot be used on Laptops and TV. It offers Movies, live sports, TV and Specials in all regional language but with ads. And only one devices can be logged in with this plan. The maximum video quality provided is HD 720p and maximum audio quality is stereo. The Mobile plan will cost Rs.499/year.

2. Super Plan: This can be used on any device like mobile, laptop, and TV. The plan is the same as the mobile plan that means all the content with the ad. The difference is it can be logged into 2 devices. The maximum quality of video given is Full HD 1080p and the maximum audio quality is Dolby 5.1. The cost of a super plan is Rs.899/year.

3. Premium Plan: The Premium Plan can be used for Laptops, Mobile and TVs. It provides all the content like movies, Tv shows ad-free except the sports. Here is the maximum quality of the video is 4K (2160p) and the maximum audio quality is Dolby 5.1. In total, 4 devices can use the plan but at a time only 2 can log in. This plan costs Rs.1499/year and 299/month.

For any query of the subscription plan, you can email them at [email protected]

Content Available On The App

There is much content are available on Hotstar to enjoy being a movie, Tv show, or any web series. It offers all shows of Star India channels. The app content is available in many regional languages like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, English, and Kannada. That means you can enjoy programs of your regional channels here.

Hotstar Multiplex

The exclusive content of Hotstar includes the most popular content of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Game Of Thrones, The star wars, some Oscar-winning shows like Missouri, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, some fantasy flicks such as The Jungle Books, and romantic dramas like The Fault in Our Stars.

Besides exclusive, they have much other interesting content on their app, and also to make customer interface simple and friendly they have divided the content into many sections such as TV, Movies, Sports, Disney+ and KIDS. All the sections are further divided into many sections to make your search easier.

Sub-categories Of TV are Hotstar Specials, Quix, Star Jalsa, Star Plus, Asianet, HBO(Original Programming), Star World, SHOWTIME, SELECT Picks, ABC Studios, FOXlife, Star Utsav, Star Sports 2, and Star Sports 1.

Sub-categories of Movies include the collection of movies in many languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada. The sports category is divided into sub-categories like popular sports which include cricket, football, badminton, formula1, Kabbadi, Tennis, American Football, eSports, Formula E, Martial Arts, Basketball, Hockey.

The Disney+ section has its exclusive content which includes PIXAR, MARVEL, STAR WARS, National Geographic. The Kids section has some most exciting content like animated film series, popular Tv shows. Also this section has some special categories on basis of kids age group, which make consumers search more easy.

Layout Of Hotstar Mobile App

The layout of Hotstar is quite simple but good to go. It ran very smooth on the iphone and android mobile phone. After logging into the app, the home page will come. On the top left the home page there is a hamburger like icon which is the menu bar.

The menu bar has access to many options like downloads, Watchlist,Prizes, Channels, Languages, Genre, Preferences and Help. Also there is a option for kids safe which make the app kinds friendly. On top right there is a magnifying glass like icon for search.

The bottom line has all the categories for specific search. Categories are Home, TV, Disney+, Movies, and Sports. The home page has all shows , you can explore all the content by just scrolling down.

Problems Of Hotstar App

The problem start arrving when you start watching videos. The first problem is in settings there is no options provided for video quality control. The video quality is automatically controlled according to your internet connection.

Second problem is watching videos using Hotstar App on mobile is good but when you use iPad the video got blurred. From a viewer point of view, on starting the video an unskippable ad is very annoying, that is the third problem. The major problem of the Hotstar app is if you any call or notification while watching hotstar and you answered the call, after the call cuts, if reverts to home screen and your your video will run from the starting point.

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