HAGO: Play and Make New Friends

There are millions of social networking sites available where you can make new friends. But there are only a few apps that will give you the experience of making new friends while playing. One of those apps includes Hago: A gaming App connecting people.

Hago has more than 150 games to play. It fulfills the basic demand of a game to utilize their free hours. All the games that are available may not be that much popular, but surely they are all entertaining. This application has many features to explore, it depends on players’ choice.

You just have to open the application and navigate the section of your choice and enjoy 100 games. It has action games, cozy past-time games and, mind-stimulating games.

One of the best features of the game is that no one gets bored of this game. Hago keeps on updating the game timely and each update brings the collection of games specially designed for you. Make sure to keep the notification on because keeps on updating about their latest game.

Features Of Hago App

Hago app features

Hago offers many free features to explore. Here are some top features of the game:

Coins: Despite being a free app, Hago has some games which require a few in-game currencies called coins to play. Basically, you have to invest some coins and if you win the game then you will earn double the coins you have invested.

Mobile Recharge: There is one more exciting feature available in Hago, you can recharge your mobile phone in exchange for coins. If you spent 18,000 coins you will get a $0.68 mobile voucher. And if you spent up to 38,000 or 72,000 then you get $1.34 and $2.68 mobile vouchers respectively.

Chat Room: This is basically a collection of groups. There are many groups available to join. You can join any group at any time and also you can leave the group whenever you want.

Connect With Opponent: Every game of Hago has an icon of the mic, on top of the screen. Whenever you want to have a conversation with your opponent, you just have to tap on the mic icon and you are good to go. To turn off the mic, you have to do the same thing just tap on the mic icon. While talking, you can send emojis also or customize messages, and later on, if you want then you can give a like to your opponent and add as a friend. Hago has a tagline hago play with new friends, as it says here you will make new friends while playing the games. It builds relations among people and connects people far apart.

Top Games Of Hago

As we know there are around 150+ games available inside the Hago App. All the games of this app are just awesome. But as we know there are always some best things present out of good things. So here is a list of some of the most played games of Hago:

Sheep Fight: This game is played between two players. Basically, both the opponent have their respective sheep and grasses. Their variety of sheep is available on the basis of their size and efficiency to feed. For example, the big sheep has more power to stop the opponent’s sheep compared to the small sheep.

There are around 5-6 tracks available to send the sheep. In each move, you can send one sheep. The motive of this game is to end all the grasses of the opponent side by sending Sheep. Whoever, sheep invade the opponent’s side will win the game.

Hago sheep fight

Knife Hit: This is also two players game. There are several levels available to cross, whoever finishes more levels in the given time span will win the match. The difficulty level of the game keeps on rising. The game starts with a circular disc having some knife inserted on it and the disc keeps on moving, you just have to put the knife on the empty space where the knife is not present.

If you insert the knife where already a knife is present, then your knife will reverse back and you have to put it back. The difficulty level rises as the speed of the disc keep on increasing and the empty space on the disc keeps on decreasing as there is more number of a knife inserted.

Blaster Shooter: As the name says itself, it is a fighting game. You have to kill your opponent using your gun. While playing one should keep in mind that you not only have to kill them but also save yourself from your opponent. If time ends and no one is able to kill anyone, then the player with major damage will lose the match.

Fruit Master: This game is a stress buster, as you don’t have to use your brain. There is a timer of 100 sec, you just have to click on the cutter and the fruits will be sliced. Every time when the fruit is cut down, you got some points. Players with more points will win the match.

Besides these above-mentioned games, Hago also has Brain Quiz, Ludo, Pirates coming, Crazy Cricket, and many more games to explore and enjoy.

Connect Online With your Friends Or Make New Friends and Relationship

hago app make friends

Hago allows everyone to play online with their friends. This mode increases the involvement between the friends and it is best to kill the free time. As each game of hago would last up to 3 minutes, so it is also best for a busy person.

It also permits you to stream online and to gain attention from other players. Hago offers some other features besides games like standup comedy, art performance, and watching some esports matches. Watching others’ talent is fun but showing your talent to thousands of people is more fun. For that, you just have to turn on the camera and you can become a Hago star. Their live stream also allows donations to support the talent of a person.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. And Hago is making communication between people with the same interest very easy. That is why maybe for some people this app is working as a dating app too. Spending time while playing and winning the match together is quite fun. People can create chat rooms to talk and share their thoughts.

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