Guilty Gear Strive: Unveil An Adventurous Series

Guilty Gear Series is one of the most underappreciated fighting video games. Guilty Gear Strive is the seventh installment in the mainline of the Guilty Gear series which is developed and published by Arc System Works. It is scheduled to release on 11 June 2021.

Arc System Works got massive success with Dragon Ball FighterZ’s, but people new to the developer’s library may know that the company has been making top-notch fighting videogame for decades with BlueBlaze and Guilty Gear Franchise. Basically, Guilty Gear is the king of anime fighting game series. Its rich, gorgeous art style, demanding, quick combat system make the game more exciting.

Strive is the most friendly series, that shakes up the entire Guilty gear game in every possible way. The PC version of this game gave a lot of reason to love just like impressive character’s playstyles, mindblowing visuals, rollback netcode, and crabby, lag-free online game.

A Story of Anime Fighters

Guilty Gear Strives presents the fighting story of characters in a purely cinematic form. Here you will experience the story of anime with a bunch of episodes that are full of a tangled web of machinations, skillful characters wrapped around the combat.

Guilty Gear Strive Characters

The story mode of the game avoids the risk of shoehorning fights in the story due to its non-interactive mode for the sake of gameplay. The story of the game is just complimentary to the Strive and one can choose to ignore the story and enjoy actions only. The action and adventurous part of the game is independent of the story mode. This series of Guilty Gear also adds some features like glossary and timeline events, for the curious one so that they can put together the pieces where everything fits and became relatable to the earlier version of Guilty Gear.


This is game is mainly known for its open-ended combats system. This open-end combat system offers people to rack up huge combos and it intimidates the players also. The gameplay of Strive streamline is quite similar to in Mortal Combat. This mode may become the cause of disappointment for some old guilty gear players because of some small experimental change made in strive version that is the players can only link to a limited number of attacks.

Guilty Gear Strive Gameplay

Guilty Gear Strive has a special feature that can decrease enemies’ health to three-fourth of the total only by hitting two-three moves. This feature may sound quite exciting but it is not when it comes to own health depletion. There are also some similarities between Samurai’s Showdown and guilty gear strive. Samurai showdown has very exaggerated characters with some real moves and high damage impacts. Its combat was based on real-world weapons in martial arts. Here a sword expects to destroy the health of enemies.

Whereas in Guilty Gear Strive, everything goes with full anime mode. All of the anime character’s throw hands might cause ridiculous damage. Arc System works have curated the damage values of the game.

This is quite a fun-fighting game. Strive’s combats have some fantastic kicks and punches and the delivery time is quite satisfying with their brutal impact animations. Its exaggerated animations with quick camera cut and zoom expertly make the actions punctuate. That’s why Guilty is fun to watch as it is fun to play. The cherry on the cake of this game is the heavy metal roaring-a series staple. If you are one of those people who loves Iron Maiden, Helloween, Judas priest, or Gamma-ray, then your mind is gonna blown, after watching the metal madness of this Guilty gear version.

Guilty Gear Highs And Lows

Among all 15 characters in Strive, each one of them has its own unique individual personality and fighting style. Even the old characters like Franchise poster boys Ky and Sol are very different from their previous version.

Ky is already an all-rounder, but this time his combo strings are cut down to be tighter and more concise, and he is ideal for punishing over aggressive enemies because of his swift strikes. Sol is very dangerous in any range because of his variety of pressure-oriented solid attacks. When unchecked, Sol’s grapples and hard-hitting melee attacks make him a menace.

Guilty Gear Strive: Unveil An Adventurous Series

This time Guilty Gear Strive comes with some newcomers also name The Hulking, the kick-happy brawler Giovanna, and Vampiric Samurai Nagoryuki. Strive fighting matches comes with visual details such as silky smooth animations, and shinning blending of 3D visuals in 2D space. Arc System Works has precisely worked on their artistic techniques which shows in the background and the characters. The soundtrack is just tremendous which is a Japanese rock, that perfectly fits with combat battle mode. For Guilty Gear Strive lovers it is pleasure to hear the hooks from the old track into the new ones. There is an option to purchase some of the older tracks with the in-game currency

Now come to the lows of the Guilty Gear strive, they are lacking in the few fronts of the game. As the core of the game is great but there is not much content for a single player. Strive modes have Arcades and the Survival modes only whereas the previous game has M.O.M modes also.

In addition to that, Strive has a special Strive’s Mission Mode which offers various challenges to tackle designed in a manner to teach you how to play the game. If you are new to Guilty Strive or fighting games, it is worth exploring the game with its advanced technology. Mission mode is a good way for time to pass if you are not in the mood to play versus game. The mode has punishing moves, instant blocking, the various Roman cancel types, and their applications with some character-specific matchup tutorials.

If you are a multiplayer action kind of player, then in Guilty Gear Strive your most of the time will go to the lobby system. After creating a blocky avatar, start your ascent through a multi-level tower, where each level shows a particular play rank.

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