GTA Vice City For Android

GTA Vice City is a third-person action-adventure game released in 2002 by Rockstar Games. The set of the game is of the 1980s time of a fictional Vice City. From an era of big hairs, pastel suits, sunny beaches with beauties in bikinis, guys in Hawaiian shirts, cool chests, and expensive cars.

GTA Vice City was first released for the PlayStation 2, in 2003 released for both Windows and Xbox. In December 2012, on the 10th anniversary, the game was released for Androids and iOs devices. Even after completing almost two decades, the game has still maintained its popularity among players. It is available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOs) for an affordable price.


Basically, GTA Vice City can be also called the Mecca of luxury and crime. The game starts with the story of a protagonist Tommy Versetti. The story begins with Tommy having recently left the prison and came to Vice City. After entering the city Tommy started big illegal deals by stealing a big amount of money. While everything is going on, something went wrong and Tommy Versetti got in trouble. As he did not have time to hide and do not want to risk the lives of his friends and family, he started to keep things in place, clearing debts of mafia groups.

Doing all these will be an adventurous journey for the players, performing difficult missions in the journey. When you start the game, you will be playing the role of the protagonist who has entered the criminal world. And the criminal world has a rule that they do not forgive anyone. So, while playing the game, your motto should be ” to Kill or be Killed”. So be ready for the roller coaster journey full of adventures like fights, robberies, showdowns of authorities, confiscation of money, and much more.

Characters Of GTA Vice City

Characters In GTA Vice City


NameVoiceover ArtistFirst AppearanceDetails
Tommy VercettiRay LiottaIn the beginningTommy Vercetti is the playable character of the GTA Vice City. He works for the Forelli Family of Liberty City Mafia. Once in 1971, he was sent to kill a man in Harwood District by Sonny Forelli. Although it was a simple job for Tommy. But when he reached Harwood, he was attacked by 11 men. Sonny has created pressure on Tommy to kill all of them and as a result, Vercetti was sent behind the bars for 15 years for multiple cases of the assassin.

In 1986, after being free from prison, he went back to Forelli Family. From there he was immediately sent for Vice City for a drug deal. And because of some assailants, the deals couldn’t complete and Tommy has lost both money and drugs. Now he was sent to kill the people responsible for that and to bring the money and drugs back.


NameVoiceover ArtistFirst AppearanceDetails
Sonny ForelliTom SizemoreIn the beginning Sonny Forelli is the main villain of GTA vice city. He was the head Don of the Forelli Crime Family. Tommy Vercetti is the most trusted member of Forelli, but Sonny got afraid of his growing power.

So Sonny planned the Harwood massacre and sent Tommy where the assailant was already waiting for him. Because of him, Tommy was in prison for 15 years. And when Tommy came back to him, he ordered him to oversee the cocaine deal in Vice City. He believes that Tommy’s ignominy and presence can bring the law down to Mafia. And when the drug deal goes wrong he orders Tommy to bring both money and drug back.

Supporting Characters

NameVoiceover ArtistFirst AppearanceDetails
Ricardo DiazLuis GuzmanThe Party Ricardo is an armed man, who owns a private army. He is working for a long time in control of the Narcotics Business in Vice City.
He was believed to be a bribed police of the town. Even he bribed INS for a green card to enter the country. All this shows the power of Ricardo. He is one of the most dangerous characters of GTA Vice City. He belongs to Columbia, and his well-wishers in Columbia believed that Ricardo is a major part of the team in Narcotics and Anti-government activities.
Ricardo Diaz is a short-statured man, suffering from the Napolean complex with over-active glands causing sweat more than a normal person.
Juan CortezRobert DaviThe PartyHis full name is Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez and he is a cultural attache. Juan was involved in the trade in all the areas involved in criminal activities. He is involved in works like narcotics, military secrets, firearms, and weapons. Juan has survived 9 times from being sentenced to death in his own country.
Juan’s immunity is his asset, every time cops try to catch him. He survived somehow. He believes eating endangered species is a form of fine living.
Kent PaulDanny Dyer The PartyHe is a young man from the UK, known as a criminal mastermind but no criminal records have yet been found. He claimed to be involved with the music industry but has no known employment.
He has good contacts in certain SWAT divisions. Kent is a good source of information about criminals of Vice City.
Umberto RobinaDanny TrejoStunt Boat ChallengeHe is a tough guy, who wants a full-scale war with Haitians. Umberto to be involved long term fight with Haitian criminals, with the motive to take over their turf. He is known as the Vice City’s Cuban Warlord. Umberto has never been involved in any crime directly.
Auntie PouletYouree Cleomili HarrisJuju ScrambleAuntie Poulet is involved in a long-time quarrel with a Cuban crime family to have control over the Eastern and Downtown of Vice City. She is an elderly lady heavily protected by thugs of the Haitian tribe because Auntie Poulet is a Haitian Matron.

Major Characters

NameVoiceover ArtistFirst AppearanceDetails
Lance VancePhilip Michael ThomasIn the beginning Lance Vance with his brother came to Vice City in 1978 and started Vance Crime Family. Lance is the head of their crime family. He is a very important character of GTA Vice City.
Victor was killed by Diaz’s Gang, during a drug deal with Forelli’s family. To take revenge of his brother Victor’s death, he shakes hands with Tommy Vercetti only left member of Forelli’s family.
Ken RosenbergBill Fichtner In the beginning Kon Rosenberg is a professional lawyer and a very important contacts of Liberty City Mafia’s in Vice City. He was involved with mafia, from the law school only.
In the court Kon Rosenberg always defend Mafia’s.

List Of Missions In GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is the fourth main release in the series of Grand Theft Auto. There are very interesting and adventurous missions in GTA Vice City. The total number of missions are 87 out of which 38 Story missions, 6 racing missions, 19 asset missions, 5 phone missions, 4 off-road mission, 3 stadium mission, 3 remote missions, 1 sparrow mission, and 8 side missions.

Story Missions

  • Sonny Forelli
  • Ken Rosenberg
  • Avery Carrington
  • Juan Cortez
  • Ricardo Diaz
  • Kent Paul
  • Lance Vance
  • Umberto Robina
  • Auntie Poulet
  • Love Fist
  • Mitch Baker
  • Love Fist
  • Prints Works
  • Tommy Versetti

Asset Missions

  • Cherry Popper Ice cream factory
  • Boatyard
  • Sunshine Autos
  • The Pole Position Club
  • Sunshine Autos
  • InterGlobal Film Studio
  • Kaufman Cabs
  • Print Works
  • Malibu
  • Phil Cassidy

Vice Street Racer Missions

  • The players investment price will decide a wager in the purse against three non-playable characters to win amount quadrapule of your investment.
Major Characters of GTA Vice City

Pay Phone Missions

  • Mr. Black- Road Kill, Waste the wire, Autocide, Check out at the check in, Loose ends.

Hyman Memorial Stadiums Missions

  • Drifting- You have to complete a bike obstacle course.
  • Bloodring- Have to win a demolition derby.

Sparrow Missions

  • Complete chopper checkpoints.

Off-Road Missions

  • PCJ playground
  • Trial by dirt
  • Cone Crazy
  • Test Track

Remote Controlled Vehicle Missions

  • RC Baron Race
  • RC Bandit Race
  • RC Raider Pickup

How to download GTA Vice City on Androids

Step1. Go to the Google Play Store on your mobile.

Step2. Search for GTA Vice City.

Step3. You will some result, select the first one.

Step4. You will see a payment button, tap on it and select a suitable payment option.

Step5. After successfully completing the payment, click on the install the button.

After complete installment is done, you are now allowed to enjoy the street of GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City Apk+Obb

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