GTA 6: Launch Date, News, Gameplay, and More

GTA 6 is an upcoming game in the series Grand Theft Auto. GTA game has immense popularity among every age group. People are very curious about its upcoming release, gameplay. It was also suggested that this time GTA 6 can be released for mobile phones also.

GTA 6 Release Date

When will be GTA 6 released? OR Is there going to be a GTA 6? and many more questions like this are arriving in every gamer’s mind. The exact answers to these questions are yet not available, but there are some assumptions and predictions that were made related to this. Usually, the Rockstars Games release the new games in the series every 4 to 5 years gap, so according to that, it should have released the next series in 2018. Because of this also people lose their patience. Rockstars Games and their parent company Take-Two Interactive has given some hints.

GTA a racing game

Earlier it was stated on Twitter by Tom Henderson, a leaker stated that Rockstar Games’ new series of GTA might come in 2023. But recently there are a few rumors coming stating that it might get released in 2025. Gamers are early waiting for the game.

Reasons might responsible for delay in release

  • GTA’s Father head Dan Houser, Leslie Benzies has left the Rockstar Game company. Only Sam Houser has left in Rockstar to handle everything. That might has created chaos and disturbance in the company, and it might has affect the current developemnt of the game.
  • The second reason could be the pandemic. Each and every has little or more affected by the on-going pandemic. So as the same the Rockstar companies developers, putting effeciency by working from home might didnot works as same from the office.
  • The third reason is based on some tweets by some leakers. That the developemnet of the game is started over again. As the company has denied their statement. But this reason could be true because the some head of the companies has left or may be the feedback were not so they are making it again.
  • The fourth reason could be the popularity of GTA 5 online. As the we know the GTA 5 game was lanched in 2013, and its been a long time people might have gotten bored by the time. But for a company untill they making money from their current game, they will not release the new game. And in this case the reason is same GTA 5 online daily users are enough and they on updating the game every year and it also works on PC, so most of the people can play it now. Developing a new game costs alot to the company whereas updating a game will not cost much. This reason could be one of the most relevant in our opinion.
  • And the final reason for the dealy could be that the company want to make GTA 6 the best game of the GTA series. This reason is also valid because the each game of the GTA series has set new benchmark, so it has become a responsibilty to the developer of the company to make it best.

All the above-mentioned reasons are just a predicted cause according to the ongoing situations.

GTA 6 release date

New Updates On GTA 6

There is a tweet by the famous game leaker Tom Henderson who also revealed a few points of the game like Call of Duty before its launch date, he said that Rockstar games popular game series GTA, their new game will have both playable female and male protagonists.

A female lead character in the game, it is going for the very first time in the GTA series. There are always very strong characters created in the game, which also became very popular. Such as Tommy Veracity from the Vice City game, Carl Johnson from San Andreas, Nick from GTA 4, Michael, Franklin, Trevor from the last game GTA 5. So, this time also in GTA 6, we can expect strong characters with a new twist.

The GTA 6 will obviously launch for PS5 and the Xbox series X. But the question is whether Will GTA 6 be released on PC, the answer to this question is yes, it will. The GTA 5 and GTA 4 have their PC and console versions, so we can expect that there will be a PC version for the new series of GTA. The launch might not be at the same time, so PC gamers may have to wait a little bit more.

Now, comes the point What will be the story for GTA 6? There are plenty of rumors and predictions about this. One of those is the Reddit 2020 leak, which states that the set will be of the 1970s/80s started from Vice City. Also, the leak suggests that the game will compile many cities. Some rumors say that it will be from the Miami set.

GTA 6 upcoming character

Also, some suggest that there might a story of multiple protagonists, like the famous trio of GTA 5. The Rockstar games have not announced anything about the story yet. But after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 where there is a single playable protagonist character present, the Rockstar team tweeted that they may be doing it again with another game.

Recently a tweet came, where one of the voice actors of Game Theft Auto has officially confirmed that he will be playing the voice actor for the character named Captain McClane in the upcoming game. That Voice actor is Dave Jackson.

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