Genshin Impact Map- Unlock Triseal, Inazuma

The Genshin Impact Map is a basic representation of the world of Genshin. The map helps players to explore the inaccessible areas of the world. The maps section shows details of the Original Resin Count, Spiral Abyss, and also notify about new changes or updates.

Mihoyo has released a Genshin Interactive map that helps the players to locate the resources, elemental oculi, and monsters. Also, the interactive map is available in 13 different languages for convenience. There are different options available on the map menu to choose from. Currently, present maps options are- Tevyat, Serenitea Pot, and Golden Apple Archipelago. Now we will take you to Genshin impact explore and unlock the tri seal.

Genshin Impact Teyvat Interactive Map

Teyvat is a fantasy world of Genshin Impact, which includes seven different nations. The nations were governed by a different governing body with each having different elements. Mihoyo has recently added the Tevyat Map on their official website.

MondstadtBarbatosAnemo Knight Of Flavinous Freedom
LiyueMoraxGeoLiyue Qixing Contracts
InazumaBeelzebulElectroInazuma ShogunateEternity
SumeruLesser Lord KusanaliDendroUnknownWisdom
Fontaine The God Of JusticeHydroUnknownJustice
SnezhayaThe TsaritsaCryoThe FatuiUnknown

Since the release of the Genshin Interactive Map, some people are not able to figure out how to use it. Knowing its use, that it provides a detailed report of personalized maps based on the resources yet to be collected or the temple yet to be visited. So, the Genshin Impact map is a very useful tool for every player. Overall the interactive map of Genshin Impact helps players to increase their game efficiency.

How To Use Interactive Maps Efficiently On Genshin Impact?

Here the step-wise process is given below, follow these steps to make effective use of Genshin Impact Maps using the interactive map.

Step1. First, you have to go for the official website of Genshin Interactive Map.

Step2. Open the website, once the interactive map is loaded now sign up using your Genshin Impact account.

Step3. After logging into the website, you will be able to access all the locations, resources, quests, chests, waypoints in the selection menu of the Genshin Impact map.

NOTE: Always go through all the items and locations available on the selection menu of interactive maps. Then choose the location where you wish to go on Genshin Impact Map.

You can also save bookmarks and exploration progress with the help of the log-in feature of the Genshin Interactive Map tool. Also, check Genshin Impact For Andriod.

Genshin Impact Dadaupa George

Unlock And Explore Triseal in Genshin Impact

Every player in the game have to face various barrier and Triseal is also a barrier that players have to cross. Basically, Triseal is a part of a hidden quest located in Dadaupa Gorge on the Genshin Impact Map. To start the quest and unlock the triseal players have to Talk with Dr. LivingStone.

Dr. LivingStone will tell the story of Sword Cementary with three seals. Behind these seals is their block of sacred treasures. The doctor character will also help you by marking each seal on the map. Dadaupa George’s name for the place has come from the Hilichurl language by the Hilichurl Tribe.

The meaning of Dadaupa is The Great tribe, which symbolizes the three different hilichurl tribes that denote the three seals “Triseal”.

Unlocking of triseal will treat the players with Claymore Prototype. Claymore Prototype is an item that helps to forge a 4-star claymore. While talking to Dr. LivingStone, players will get to know more about the triseal barriers representing three different elemental monuments situated in three different hilichurian tribal places.

Players have to unlock the barriers one by one. The three/tri seal monuments are located at-

  1. Meaty tribe in North
  2. Sleeper tribe in South
  3. Eclipse tribe in East

1. Unlock Triseal: Meaty Tribe In North

This tribe is located on the Northside of George’s word on the Genshin Impact Map. Here the players have to deal with slimes, Samachurls, and a wooden shield Mitachurl. Overall you have to 10 enemies in 100 sec. After defeating enemies, players will get two exquisite chests and two common chests. Then you can activate the cryo monument using ice and the first tri-seal will be unlocked.

2. Unlock Triseal: Sleeper Tribe In South

It is located to the southeast of the first seal in a lake. Here players have to defeat a single wooden Sheild Mitachurl. After defeating the enemy, you will get an electro monument with some precious chest. This electo monument will be needed to open the second tri-seal.

3. Unlock Triseal: Eclipse Tribe In East

The third one is located to the west of the second triseal. Here at Eclipse Tribe players have to fight with a Cryo Abyss Mage, a wooden shield Mitachurl, and a samachurls. After defeating them, you have to unlock the pyro monument. Unlocking a pyro monument you will get some precious chest. Pryo monument will help to unlock the third tri-seal.

Overall, Triseal is a puzzle, located in the Mondsadt and Liyue region providing players or travelers the feeling of treasure hunt.

Genshin Impact Inazuma

Inazuma is one of the seven-nation of Tevyat and this region comes under the Genshin Impact Map. In Inazuma, they worship Baal, the electro Archon/god. To enter or to exit this place you have to pass through some strict assessment.

Recently in July 2021, in updated version 2.0 the isolated region of Inazuma has been added to the game. Here we will give you detailed information on how to get into Inazuma nation, their exclusive characters, and Maps Inazuma. Also, check Best Genshin Impact Characters to know more about them.

How To Get Into Inazuma?

There is some minimum requirement which one to fulfill to get into this newly fairyland of Inazuma. The requirements are-

  1. Atleast you have to reach level 30 or more.
  2. Complete the archon quest of Autumn Winds and Scarlet leaves.
  3. After completing first two requirement, you will be able to find Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia quest. Complete this quest to reach the Inazuma nation.
Genshin Impact Map- Inazuma Map

Genshin Impact Inazuma Map

The Inazuma land is divided into five different areas. The areas are NARUKAMI ISLAND, YASHIORI ISLAND, SEIRAI ISLAND, TSURUMI ISLAND, WATATSUMI ISLAND.

Characters Of Inazuma Nation

  • Kazuha
  • Sayu
  • Ayaka
  • Yoimiya
  • Raiden Shogun
  • Kokomi

Where is tri seal located in Genshin Impact?

Triseal is located in Dadaupa George in Genshin Impact Map. Read more about Triseal in our article.

What is the Tevyat Map?

Tevyat map is a virtual world of Genshin Impact on marks of resources, monsters are mentioned with the location.

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