FL Studio Mobile Apk For Andriod

FL Studio Mobile is a digital audio workplace specially designed for Andriod users. This app provides all the pro music effects, editor, tuner, instruments, and many more features to explore. Overall everything that a person needs to create a music track is available on this platform.

If anyone wants to make careers out of music such as a music producer or DJ or if you just love music and loves to do so some experiment with it, so all are in the right place. It allows you to mix music, add effects, add instruments, record songs, and many other things. It is so convenient to use that you can complete your music projects while on go just in a flash.

FL Studio Mobile is one of the top apps in music and audio developed by Image-Line. The tag line of the app is ” The Fastest way from your brains to your speakers”. It is available on Google Play Store and comes at a cost of 300 INR. Also, it is available for iOs, and windows.

One of the great features of this app is, it can be used on any screen starting from a mobile screen to a big Tv screen. The only condition will be the power of your device.

Features & Tools of FL Studio Mobile Apk

  • A huge range of instruments are available. This categoy has different options to choose from. The options are Direct Wave, MiniSynth, Groove Machine Synth, Transistor Bass.
  • The app also has plugins to use, to take your content to next level. It gives your content professional touch.
  • It has a huge library of effects.
  • Playlist feature is also avliable. Playlist is a space that allows you edit note and arrange them, automation and audio to make a song.
  • Audio Recording can be done here. You can record with a microphone also. Just make sure to wear heaphones to avoid mixing of recorded song with audio of FL studio.
  • They have Channel Rack for each playlist. Channel Rack stacks the both the instruments and effect modules.
  • You can load songs and save it.
  • App has a Home Panel, that has access to the all features starting from Songs, Settings, share, and Shop.
  • There is an in-game shop available for purchasing additional content. But also has free content to download.
  • Tab for Files backup or sharing with FL studio Mobile.
  • Manages user files, browse files, and helps to finds your files easily.
  • Setting tabs is for managing applications, audios, and MIDI devices.
  • Sharing files through Wi-Fi is also available. Your can share files with anyone on any device be it a andriod or iOs or Windows.
Minisynth Of Fl Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile Instruments

  • DirectWave: This intrument can produces sounds of classical or traditional intruments such as Piano, Orchestra, and Guitar. Basically Directwave is a sample player. It has feature to use it single or multisample. DirectWave is very easy to use. The in-app store/shop has sample bank, you can purchase from there but they also have some very interesting sample for free. It was controlled by 11 tabs.
  • MiniSynth: Minisynth is controlled by 6 tabs that works on low processor head and creates huge sound. You can say Minisynth as a fully featured synthesizer. It has some advanced multi-mode oscillator which is a source of sound for the synthesizer.
  • Groove Machine Synth (GMS): Groove Machine Synth is also a synthesizer but with different oscillator architecture. It is more flexible and powerful synthesizer than other, in FL Studio Mobile because it can operate in FM, RM, Sync modes, and Subtractive. It has dual oscillator and mutlimbral hybrid system.
  • SuperSaw: It has feature to recreates both massive and classic synth sounds. It can quickly create electronic musice style sound. Supersaw is controlled by 7 tabs. The two sounds produce by it are- SuperSaw and Supersync. Supersync is advanced form of instrument where a pair of oscillator works together in master and slave manner. To maintain the same frequency, the master restarts the period of slave oscillator.
  • Transistor Bass: It is also a transistor but a substractive synthesizer. It is controlled by 7 different tabs. It was made in the style of Legendary Roland baseline synthesizer.

FL Studio Mobile Effect Modules

  • Autoduck: It is a form of automated volume, ducking is used to create side effects.
  • Chorus: In this effects multiple voices are detuned into a sound to create a thicker sound.
  • Auto Pitch: It can correct pitch error in recorded audio and also can create special effects.
  • Distortion: This device over-drive of typical guitar even if the volume is quite.
  • Flanger: Enrich the stereoparanoma of your mix music, quite similar to chorus effect.
  • Filter: Filters are designed to create automated effects. It’s feature are commonly used in Electric dance music.
  • Equalizer: They are used to decrease and increase the loudenss of sound of specific frequencies. Here the band type, center frequency, width of each band are fully adjustable. There are options avaliable to choose from: Low Shelf, high Shelf, and Peaking.
  • Analyzer: It controls audio that includes waveforms, loudness, stereo imaging and pitch. Also helps to visualise your audio.
  • Leveller: This is provided to control volume controls. One can use leveller to monitor volume levels and to make precise changes.
  • Audiobus: This effect is only for iOs only.
  • Graphic EQ: This is also an equalizer to in which the process of increasing or decreasing the loudness is done. It is a 8-band equalizer with slider to set the frequency.
  • Tuned EQ: This one also a 8-band equalize that has ability to center sliders on notes.
  • Spacer: This is used to enhance the stereo image of mono input sound. You should use it to create wider sound mix.
  • Reverb: Reverb helps to start a room of certain size and type.
  • Tape Delay: Echo style effect is a delay and specificallly effective for out of tempo sound.

How To use FL Studio Mobile?

If you’re facing some difficulty on how to use the Fl Studio Mobile, then don’t worry. We are here with some simple steps to use FL studio Mobile-

  1. Download and install the app from Play Store.
  2. Open the app, and bring your file to the application. The file can be at SD card or saved in the phone memory.
  3. In case you want to create some remix, then there are options to add multiple song on a single track at a time.
  4. If not so, you can create songs from scratch and simultaneously add layering via using instruments avaliable on the app.
  5. Also you can connect your own drum sets, synthesizer according to your need.
Tools of FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile Apk

As we know the app is available to download on Google Play Store, App Store and Windows. But in case you’re facing while downloading or installing the FL studio Mobile app, then you can check and download FL Studio Mobile Apk from any third party website. Also make sure the third party website should an authoritative and save, so that in future you do not have to face any problem related to your Apk file.

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