FarmVille 2: Country Escape- Gameplay

FarmVille 2: country escape is a new agriculture game in the series of Farmville published by Zynga. Earlier the Farmville series were made for PC runs in Adobe. But this series is launched for mobile on 17 April 2014.

FarmVille 2 has nowadays become one of the most popular games in the agriculture simulation genre. The game is easy to play, has good online connectivity, with beautiful graphics and a variety of gameplay to play with. The world inside the game is so vast and beautiful with countless places to visit, explore, and get rewards. You can even help them by taking care of the farm while they are resting beside the farm.

If you have friends in the game, then you can go to their farms and earn rewards. The game is considered the most entertaining one because of the sound they use and user-friendly graphics used.

Build Your Own First Farm

The players will have to start building their private farm using various tools which are available and also start building other farms. A normal farm holds a variety of things like growing fruits and vegetables, raising livestock and poultry, also creating a supply chain for neighboring towns.

FarmVille 2 gameplay

Other important works id to make other buildings for food processing. A player can expand the farm and its farming by many techniques like they can grow as many crops they want to can raise a variety of livestock and design the farm in many ways. One should remember to simply maintain their farm with some easy gestures and of course, the gameplay makes it more entertaining.

Growing Crops And Earning Rewards

In any agriculture game. the income source is always generated from growing food crops. FarmVille 2 offers a variety of crops to choose from. Each crop is different from others in many characteristics such as planting style, planting time, the requirement of light, water requirement, and effective time to mature.

To fasten the plant maturity players can use fertilizer and continuously give water to crop in optimal amounts so that you can optimize quality crop. After maturing the crops, now it’s time to pluck them up using tools, you just have to hold your fingers on the mature trees and then move to the other trees, the game will automatically collect them for players.

FarmVille 2 Game Guide

Raising Livestocks For Farms

In FarmVille 2, raising livestock like cows, buffalo, goats, etc and poultry is must required because they provide plenty of nutrients, products and generate profits to the players also. To raise any livestock or poultry, firstly you have to build a barn for them and then buy the desired animals from the store.

To generate income from animals is not that easy, it is a work of patience. You have to wait till the plants mature so that you have a sufficient amount of leaves or food for the animals to feed. By continuously feeding the animals, they start generating food items for the players.

Make The Most Delicious Food

The whole journey of farming always gives you a feeling of relaxation, peace, and happiness. Watching the blooming of colorful flowers, raising animals, doing all the farming chores, and at the end cooking traditional farmer’s food gives to satisfaction.

FarmVille 2 also offers cooking food in the game, using the items which are available on the farm. After cooking is finished, one can send the food to other people or to neighboring towns to collect gifts and points. Those points are called Friendship points, it helps for the long-term development of the farm. This game always keeps on updating its new recipes for players to relax and enjoy.

Achievements And Tasks

Apart from managing the own farm, a player has to complete tasks and requests from other towns or farms to generate a stable income. The achievements in the game are ways to receive many attractive and exciting rewards. The requests/orders simultaneously are coming from other farms and towns to send foods should be completed offering great rewards.

The task is a default system of the game, it guides the players to do everything in the game, and guides them to get used to the gameplay and plot progress. To maintain the farm, players have to earn money by completing the supplying the necessities to nearby places.

Growing A beautiful Garden

FarmVille 2, the farm has many beautiful plants and offers food to neighboring towns. Players can plant more decorative plants to decorate their farms or sell them for large amounts of money.

For different plants the gardening techniques vary, allowing players to design flower beds and growing areas or collect them to craft unique exchange items. A garden offers lots of exciting benefits such as giving endless fruits with various features.

Visiting Your Friend’s farms

FarmVille 2 permits its players to make friends around the world and also you can visit their farms freely to admire their farm creativity. Players can earn rewards by doing fun activities on their friend’s farms. There is a stealing feature Farmville offers in which, the player can steal any plants from their friend’s farm. One thing which a player should know before stealing is you can only steal those plants which you haven’t collected yet in the game.

Overall, FarmVille 2 gives a true experience of farming with loads of entertaining features to enjoy with your group or alone. This farming game offers you different activities like gardening, breeding, and fishing.

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