Facebook: The Biggest Social Network WorldWide

Remembering the time when people use the Facebook site on Keypad mobile with a small screen and switching to the Facebook app on iPhone and Andriod. Shows how things get easier day by day with advanced technology.

In 2004, it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow mates from Havard University. Initially, it was accessible to only university students, and then later on in 2016, anyone age above 13 can access it. In 2010, it was the most downloaded social app. According to data, in the second quarter of 2021, the current user is roughly 2.89 Billion globally.

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The main motive of the app is to build a community to connect people and bring them more closer. It connects friends, strangers, and people who want to stay in touch despite being living far away from each other.

Features Of Facebook

Facebook Marketplace
  1. Timeline: It is place from where you can get updates of your friends by going to their profile. Also people can leave messages and photos on your timeline. Generally uses it as to post birthday wishes and for other special occassion. One cannot use life events there. Timeline is something which one can first see when visit your profile.
  2. News Feed: when you logged in facebook, the place where you land is the home page or News feed. It is the place where you can see your connected friends post updates, stories, status updates, photos, videos, app activity, post and stories of pages your like and community which you are part of.
  3. Social Plugins: This feature gives you options to comment and express your thought on the big social platform like The New York Times. The Social Plugins includes Comment Box, Like Button, Embeded Box and Share Button.
  4. The Like Button: Facebook gives you controll over the post you see in you feed whether to like it or unlike it. There buttons provided for both the like and unlike to express your feeling.
  5. Comment Box: If your willing to say something on someone’s post you can use the comment feature.
  6. Share Button: When you like some videos, photos and want to share it with others, you can use the share bitton. Just type the link and tap the share button and it will be visible on your timeline.
  7. Embedded Box: This feature gives to permission to add any public post to your own blog or website.
  8. Event: The event feature is among one of the best features of Facebook. Basically it is a calender based reminder for upcoming occasions and important dates. Anyone can create the event for personal purpose to limited friends or it can be for group or for fan page. The event feature saves your time in inviting people. The invitees will get notification on their feed before the event as a reminder. We can say that this feature help everyone sometime in their life to remember some important stuff.
  9. Messenger: This a quick message app owned by Facebook itself, it is the replacement of Facebook chat. To use messenger one need not to have an facebook account. You can directly logged into messenger and can chat with your friends. If you have an facebook account no need to download the messenger, bi-default you can will be indirectly connected to your friends.

Messenger has many features to explore and make your chat interesting. Besides messages, one can send or share photos, videos and text messages also. There is an option to send and receive money from messenger by using your debit card details. The voice and video call options are available to connect more with your loved once. Share games and your live location kind feature are also available here.

Facebook Messenger

10. Marketplace: Facebook has evolve a lot in the course of time, they know very well how make opportunities. The platform which was initially used as a place to share your life stuff and stay connected with your friends only, has used that same platform as a business platform to.

Facebook has created a feature Marketplace for people to promote their business. Marketplace provides a platform for selling and buying products. Seller can share the details of their product and their location and the buyer can buy their desired product by using filters according to need.

By listing your products and services on Marketplace seller can reach the buyers directly. By inventing this feature Facebook has given employment and business to many small sellers.

11. Facebook Page: You can call Page as a public profile page, which can be created for businesses, celebrity profile, brands promotion and updates. Page is some quite same as personal profile except there are no friends but fans. It is a great place for business opportunity and connect to your fans by keep updating photos and videos. Also brand, product promotion, event creation can be done here.

Facebook pages are customizable, it has many features for bussiness like organization overview, contact information, press release, RSS releases, twitter updates, company news and status updates and, customer interactions.

12. Facebook Wall: This is the part of facebook profile where you can post updates, and status. Wall is publicly open any of your friend can see your status and your recent activity.

13. Reels: Facebook gives you permission to create small videos content to post on your feed. Reels are helpful to keep connecting to your friends. Reel user get access to standard sets of video tools which includes tools for video capture, camera roll, music selection and many more.

Facebook News feed

Layout Of Facebook Page

The layout of the app is very simple but user-friendly. All the features mentioned above are accessible on the mobile app. When you logged into the app, you lands on the News Feeds. The layout of the news feeds has many features to explore.

The top horizontal line has icons for news feed, videos to watch, marketplace, profile, notification and then menu(from left to right). Below this line there is space for timeline to write your thoughts. Then below the timeline there is a horizontal line which has three options. First the Live option, to share your current moments with you fan and friends. The second is Photo, where you can add your photos to create memories. ANd the third options is Room, this a feature where you can create a room and invite you selected friends to talk and chill virtually.After all there is an options to watch stories of other friends. And atlast comes the wall part of the facebook.

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