Cookie Run Kingdom Apk For Android

Cookie Run Kingdom is a battle role-playing game. Devsisters the developer of the game has launched the sequel of Fearless cookie after their great success. The game is about unlocking the cookies to make a well-balanced team and to build houses and other types of building to make a livelihood cookie kingdom.

The battles will happen in the sweetest territory of Android, so get ready to enjoy fun battles of cookies. To conquer the game, players have to construct a niece the Cookie Kingdom where everyone lives with harmony, where heroes were level up, also have defeat all the enemies who came in your path to break your peace and harmony.

Monthly codes were released by the officials of Cookie Run Kingdom. You can use these codes to earn rewards for upgrading your cookie hero or to build the territory. We will provide you codes every month, so set a reminder for visiting our website.

Although the game is freely available to download on Google Play Store for Andriod, App Store for iOs, and also on Galaxy Store. But in case you are facing some difficulty while downloading the game, then should check Cookie Run Kingdom Apk+obb file on theaeroapps.

Characters Of Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Characters

Heroes Of Cookie Run Kingdom

  • White Lily Cookie- She looks like a pale lily come from a solitary moon light. Her eye looks curious and eager for seeking the truth.
  • Hollyberry Cookie- Hollyberry has a strong faith on friendship and she belives there is nothing hard as trust in the world.
  • Golden Cheese Cookie- Being made from a huge amount of golden cheese, she looks like pure gold. It is hard to look up due to her brightness. Goledn Cheese cookie lives in a palace at the top of highest mountain in Golden Cheese Valley.
  • Dark Cacao Cookie- This cookie is made of the last bean of lonely cacao trees growing at the cliff. That cacao bean is devoid of any kind of sweetness, and after felling into the frozen soil facing wind and snow, it became the main ingredient of the cold and reclusive Dark Cacao Cookie.
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie- He is the head of kind and faithful cookies. He is made from a fragnant vanilla bean. Being a poweful magic weilder, he never use his spells for himself, always use them for everyone happiness.

Villians Of Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Dark Enchanteress Cookie- This cookie is made of a dose of concentrated dark magic and poisonous scarlet pomegranate syrup, that gives the cookie delicious evil taste. All witches comes together for the Night of Witches for every thousand year, and that is the night when Darck enchanteress Cookie was born.
  • Licorice Cookie- Licorice Cookie since his childhood wants to be known as wizard but he never received the recognition he deserved.
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie- This cookie always look peaceful and daydreaming. All of us know that mushrooms are very healthy and tasty but some are not. Like a purple cap mushroom look so yummy and chunky but it posisonous. And when a hungry cookie ate it, Poison Mushroom cookie was born.
  • Pomegranate Cookie- Being rised on the sacred land of socrerers as a young prietsess, later she was forced to follow the extreme darkness made her to doubt her upbringing. Pomegranate cookie wears her scarlet dress with glittering pomegranate drop decorations.
  • Dark Choco Cookie- Dark Choco Cookie has always planned to be a Hero, and that is why he stepped into the Darkness. But life has some different plans for him.

GingerBrave & Friends Of Cookie Run Kingdom

  • GingerBrave- The arrival of this cookie to life is unknown, but according to the rumors when a witch accidentally used magic instead of Ginger powder then GingerBrave got his life. And also he is one of the first cookie to escape from witch oven.
  • Strawberry Cookie- She is one of the sweetest cookie of Cookie Kingdom and shy too. Her candy coated strawberry aroma is everlasting that makes the normal jellies to transform into strawberry jellies.
  • Wizard Cookie- One day Candy Wand Witch was accidently possessed by Wizard Cookie, that he discover his magical powers. His hat made up of popping candy ice cream cone completes his wizard look.
  • Chilli Pepper Cookie- The Chilli pepper dough has a huge amount of chilli than mentioned in law. That is why Chilli Pepper Cookie is so notorious, doesnt follow law and rules. Always in search of chance to snatch anything valuable she watch.
  • Custard Cookie III – This little cookie since from his childhood dreamt of becomoing a King, even before the custard oh his head started taking shape. Yet he may not be able to rule anything, but in future he will sit on the real throne.

Legends Of Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Moonlight Cookie- She knows all the secrets of the City of Wizards because she was made by ancient wizard. She is the strongest one, and also protect the city from intruders.
  • Sea Fairy Cookie- Beacause of a long curse, sea fairy cookie was frozen and her soul were from beyond the magic. It is because of warmth of kind cookie she is back. The twinkling in her eye shows that she is willing to fight her fate.
  • Fire Spirit Cookie- This legendary cookie was born in the flames of the Dragon Valley and mould in it. He has the Red Dragon’s bead, that symbolise either he has win the Red Dragon Favor’s or escape from some kind of mischeif.
  • Wind Archer Cookie- Wind Archer Cookie is the protector of the forest. It has the power to puirfy the darkness, and save the forest from peril.
  • Millienial Tree Cookie- There was majestic tree deep inside a secret groove. Once the roots of the tree reached deep inside the ground and far to another corner of the world. After that when the scarlet curse the grove the majestic tree sealed itself with the Millenial Tree Cookie in a slumber to resist from the darkness. But finally, with the help of cookies, silence of Millienial Tree Cookie is broken.

How to Link DevPlay Account?

DevPlay Account is basically your in-game account from where you can get your game-id. And also users will get 10 magic cookie cutters if they are already linked to the DevPlay account. In case you find it difficult to link your account, then follow the steps below-

Step1. Download and install the Cookie Run Kingdom game on your device.

Step2. Go to the setting, then tap on info.

Step3. There you will get an option of “My DevPlay”, tap on it.

Step4. Then you will get options for sign-in. The options to choose from are Google, Apple, and Facebook. Choose any one of them to link it with your Dev account.

When a green tick comes on screen, that means it’s done, you are successfully linked to DevPlay Account.

NOTE- Do not use an email account that was already used, to prevent data loss. So, it’s safe to always use a new account.

Also make sure that just after linking to Devplay do not unlink or exit, otherwise you will not be able to receive rewards.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes

Cookie Run Kingdom coupon Codes are the in-game goodies or freebies that help you to build a better Kingdom of yours. The list of freebies includes crystals, sugar gnomes, rainbow cubes, and experiences. Here we are providing the list of the latest active Cookie Run Kingdom codes of December 2021.

Latest Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Active Codes Of January 2022


Expired Codes


Remember, one coupon code can be used only once per account. After entering the codes restart the game, so that you can receive the rewards.

Steps To Redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

  1. Open the Cookie run kingdom game.
  2. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see three lines, tap on it.
  3. Then go to the settings,
  4. Now tap on the info and note your Player ID.
  5. Now move to DevPlay Coupon Page.
  6. Enter your player Id and active coupn code.
  7. tap on “Claim rewards”, now start your game again to receive your rewards.

Cookie Run Kingdom Apk On PC

This game is an Andriod game, so to play it on your PC, you will need to install an emulator first. There are good emulators are available online Example- Bluestacks. Cookie Run Kingdom PC download is a very easy process to do. Find an emulator and install it, then follow the steps given below-

  1. Download and install an emulator on your PC.
  2. Complete the Sign-in to Google,to access the Google Play Store. Also skip this step and do it later.
  3. Now open your emulator and search for Cookie Run Kingdom Game.
  4. Then install the game from the search results.
  5. Complete the sign-in of Google to install the game, in case you have skip the step2.
  6. Go to your homescreen and there will an icon for Cookie Run Kingdom, tap on it to start the game.

From the steps mentioned above, you can download the Cookie Run Kingdom on PC for free.

Cookie Run Kingdom Apk On iOs

Although the game was first released for Andriod, on Jan 21 it was released for the iOs device also. So now you can download the game from the App store also.

Points To Remember

  • Save your cyrstals at begining.
  • Keeps on checking events so that you don’t miss the chance to get free crystals, and toppings.
  • Always keep your building busy.
  • Never ever forget about toppings. Each toppings has some special power and effect.
  • It is not neccessary to upgrade every cookie.
  • Upgrade your cookie houses,
  • Buy sugar gnome hut.

How To Update Cookie Run Kingdom?

How To Update Cookie Run Kingdom

Players can easily update the Cookie Run Kingdom from Google Play Store but many users are facing problems where don’t see the update button on the play store and thee you can take the help of Cookie Run Kingdom Apk. You have to search for Cookie Run Kingdom Apk Theaeroapps and there you will find the latest version of Cookie Run Kingdom Apk which you can download on your device and can enjoy the game. But if you are downloading Cookie Run Kingdom Apk from any other third-party Apk website then make sure the website is safe and secure to download the application.

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