Part 02: Lizard Rock (Home)

Lizard Rock – Home World

You will be on the world map. You can save your game now from the main menu if you wish. Continue down to the peninsula on your left and enter Lizard Rock. Push the rock out of your way. The goal of this area is to trap the Komodo Pups so you can battle them and obtain their scales. Each one is a small puzzle, with the chance to grab some items from chests along the way.

Take the middle path at the entrance. You will scare a Komodo Pup with your movement and It will run into a passage, block it in with a rock at the bottom entrance of the tunnel. Make sure you approach from the bottom so that it runs up, then scare it toward the now sealed exit. Proceed to the upper path, but before you do defeat the monster to the right and open the chest. You will receive a Fireball.

Part 02 Lizard Rock (Home)

Now return to the main path and head down. You will run into another monster. You can run past it if you wish, or attack. Continue left, you will scare another Komodo Pup. Head up to the fallen tree and defeat the monster on it. This clears the area and allows you to head down the path the creature was on. Walk up to the very edge of the ledge. You can jump from here, but you need to time it just right to get that Komodo Pup. There is a bit of lag on Serge’s part, so jump when the pup is a few paces away from reaching the spot directly below you. Defeat it for another Komodo Scale.

Go to the left and down past the monster. You will see a rock and a sunken chest. Push the rock into the water and the chest will float up. The treasure chest will give up a Silver Loupe. Continue up the left path to the next area. In the water, you will see a chest: there are some steps on the outcropping right under the right side of the bridge. Open the treasure chest to snag a Tablet.

Get back on the path and head up and, then to the left. You will soon bump into another Komodo Pup. Chase it around the path and you will soon catch up to it. But before that, jump into the hole on the upper left path to reach the pair of seemingly inaccessible chests. The one in the middle has a Bone and the other one in the water contains an Ivory Helmet. Defeat the last pup and prepare for your first boss fight.

Boss Battle – Mama Komodo

Nothing too difficult especially if you have Poshul with you. If Serge is alone, attack until he only has one stamina point left then Defend. Heal with Cure when deemed necessary. If Poshul is with you, the battle goes pretty much the same way except you won’t have to Defend as much.

Boss Battle - Mama Komodo

If you struggle with this fight, run from the battle and go back to the village and get Poshul to join your party. 

Cape Howl – Home World

Before you head for Opassa Beach to meet Leena, stop by Cape Howl which is located west-northwest of Arni Village. You can come here before Lizard Rock if you desire.

There are a pair of treasure chests waiting to be opened here. The lower left chest has a Heal and the other one has a Bone.

Opassa Beach – Home World

Opassa Beach - Home World

This area is accessible by exiting from the south side of Lizard Rock. When the prompts appear during your meeting with Leena, pick the following responses: “I remember.” and “We will never forget this day.”

Your choices here ensure that you get Leena’s level 7 tech skill later on in the game. An FMV plays and Serge ends up in an alternate reality.

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