Part 01: Arni Village (Home)

Fort Dragonia – Dream Sequence

The game starts with an FMV of a tower surrounded by a statuary of dragons. Arni Village (Home). We are introduced to Serge, Kid, and a random playable character. The third member, other than Serge and Kid, rotates. Begin by heading right; the left side shows a power crystal. Continue down the path and follow the left side of the screen until you reach the outside door.

Pass up all of the side trips. Go straight to the back of the room. Your goal is to turn off the gem and transport it from the circular platform in the middle of the room. Transport to the upper platform for another FMV sequence.

Arni Village – Home World

Arni Village Home World

After the dream, Serge wakes up in his room with none of the oomph that he had in the tower. Pilfer his 200G savings which are under the bed. Then head to the left to find a Tablet Element. Leave the room. Serge’s mom berates him due to his sleepiness and the fact that Leena came by looking for him. He was supposed to meet her earlier that morning.

Before you go running off to your girlfriend, head left when you leave the house. Talk with the fisherman near the swordfish, and play along with his daydreams to receive a free Komodo Scale. Visit the hut to the top right of the village and talk to the old lady for hints on how to get those Kodomo pups. Then head down into the basement and talk to the guy there. He will give you a Shark Tooth and also tell a story of his life. Remember this for later.

Arni Village Dream Sequence

Leave, go to the hut below the one you were in, and head to the back and into a smaller room; inspect the bed and the chest. The bed will give you a Hekran Bone and the chest will contain an Ivory Helmet. Talk to the girl in red about poems. If you talk to the barrel 4 times behind the girl, the barrel will give you the element Uplift. You will need to remember her later. Take note of the kid in-between the huts. You can give him the Komodo Scale from the swordfish guy. Examine the cart in the middle of the area to find a Custom Frame.

Character Recruit – Poshul

With the Hekran Bone in hand, stop by the clearing off to the left of the swordfish guy and give the bone to the pink wonder dog. To do this, open the key item window by pressing Square then select the Hekran Bone. Make sure you are within talking distance.

Character Recruit - Poshul

Poshul joins your party in return. If you skip on Poshul now, you will have one last chance to recruit her other self a bit later, along with Leena. Before leaving, search the bucket outside the hut for an Aquabeam element and head inside the hut to find a Cure element behind the wall scroll on the left.

Return to the main area of the village and head up to the pier. Leena rags on you for showing up late and breaking your promise to help find the Kodomo Scales for her. She needs 3 of these scales and giving her some that have been given to you won’t work. She can tell. Leave the village.

If you didn’t get Poshul already, it is highly recommended you do that now. It makes the beginning area significantly easier.

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