Part 20: Viper Manor Revisited

Termina – Another World

The element shop has upgraded plenty since your last visit, so it would be a good idea to take a look if you didn’t get anything from Guldove (Home) earlier. If you bring your Zappa to see this world’s Zappa in the weapon shop, they will discuss the possibility of forging Rainbow equipment together, but their hammers are not up to par with such a task yet.

Go to the bar now and the bartender will open up a door for you. Head inside to see Karsh and Zoah. After a bit of dialogue, you’ll receive the Tear of Hate and also get a chance to have Karsh or Zoah join your party. It is recommended that you take Zoah to get his level 7 tech in the manor, however, note that you will get the other one later.

Viper Manor Revisited
Part 20: Viper Manor

Viper Manor – Another

First, make sure you have Norris at your party before going in. From the entrance, go right and into the second door. This is Zoah’s room: after making him your party leader, open the chest here for his level 7 tech Toss & Spike. Leave and go on the left side of the main hall. Once again, enter the second room, and speak to Norris here for the Prison Key.

Take the stairs down, and enter the kitchen (middle door). Go down the grate in Orcha’s kitchen into the sewers. You will only have one choice here. Get into the water. The flow is too strong to move freely. You might be able to enter some rooms on an off chance, but don’t bother. The flow will bring you out to a familiar place. Get up on the platform, head to the right, and push the barrels into the water. Go down and then right for the second barrel. There are two chests here with a Denadorite and a Humour. Finally, the barrels will make a bridge allowing you to get to the stairs located in the left middle area.

Viper Manor - Another
 Orcha's kitchen

Head up, and tighten the valve. This cuts down on the water flow. Now go back and head up that ladder in the upper left side of the room to get into the prison area, which allows you to return to Orcha’s kitchen. Jump down the grate once more. The flow still pushes you but you can get to the rooms with relative ease. Take the first right path. While here you see the blob next to the chest. When you get Luccia back, bring her here. But for now, just pick up the Magic Seal. Head back out to the water. Ignore the left passage it returns you to just outside Orcha’s kitchen. Head down to the next passage to the right. At the intersection, go up then left.

This passage will dead-end with yet another valve. Twist it and the block below moves. Backtrack and go all the way to the right (yes, ignore the passage you just unlocked). You will see again another valve. Guess what? Tighten it. Now head back down and left.

Get in, the sewage is fine. Follow the water to the right. At the end of the passage head up and follow the passage. Continue past the small steps and collect a chest at the end of the passage for a Nimble. Head back and into the sewage via the small staircase. You will see a ladder. Go up and fiddle with that valve again. It moves the blockage. Head back down and follow the new path, but before you can scale the mucky footholds. A bug, the Rochester, appears and attacks. Defeat it, climb the first ladder, then the second (east) ladder.

Chrono Cross Guide Viper Manor
 Fargo leaves Viper Manor

After Fargo leaves the cell, follow him outside and head east to use the save point, before entering the room for a boss battle.

Boss Battle – Hell’s Cook

HP 2800 / Innate Red / Attack 92 / Magic Attack 30 / Defense 27 / MagicDefense 5 / Drop (Common) Gold Pendant / Drop (Rare) Mythril / Steal (Common) Poultice Cap / Steal (Rare) Mythril / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Nothing too difficult here. Attack and stay healed as always. Aside from some moderately strong combos, Hell’s Cook doesn’t have much to show. Stick WeakMinded on Orcha and also Turn Blue on Lynx if you like.

Orcha will redeem himself by joining your party after the battle. From the manor’s main hall, head up through the large doors to fight and defeat some Porre soldiers. Groby appears. You know what happens next.

Boss Battle - Grobyc
Boss Battle - Hell's Cook

Boss Battle – Grobyc

HP 2800 / Innate Black / Attack 72 / Magic Attack 23 / Defense 54 / MagicDefense 8 / Drop (Common) Defender / Drop (Rare) FreeFall / Steal (Common) Black Brooch / Steal (Rare) n/a / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Groby is definitely tougher than Orcha was. He has some nasty combos that could easily cut your HPs down to near critical levels, so be ready to heal at any time. Cast WeakMinded and use your best available white elements. Using Turn White on Lynx also helps plenty, but this also makes him a lot more vulnerable to Grobyc’s attacks so watch out.

Viper Manor Revisited
Orcha Viper Manor

Win this one and the soldiers will give the Guillot a chance to take you on. The robot may look intimidating especially since you still haven’t had a chance to save your game but it doesn’t really offer much of a challenge.

Bust it up and run towards the library, where it will corner you for another round. Kill it again and watch the events. Groby joins up soon after.

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