Part 19: Techs and Summons

Character Techs

Now that you can travel back to Another World, head to Hydra Marshes and the spot where you previously received the Safety Gear from the captain. Don´t worry if you did receive the Safety Gear before, just speak again with the guy that is standing there and he will give an extra one to you. In front of you should be a big hole here now. Equip everyone with Braces and jump in; defeat the Dehydrate for Steena’s HydraShadow tech.

Falling from the hole will inflict Sprains on your entire party so start by using Braces on everyone. HydraShadow is the only level 5 tech that can’t be acquired automatically. Take Draggy with you to Fossil Valley next.

Techs and Summons

Here, proceed to the area where the massive dragon fossil was (where you got Skelly’s skull early in the game), and you’ll witness a scene with Draggy and his dead mother. He receives his level 7 tech BigBreath.

Summon Elements – Home

You can capture these level 7 summon elements provided that you have the corresponding trap elements. The traps can be purchased from a shop in another world Marbule; accessible only after getting your boat back.

Summon Elements
Character Techs

These enemies cast the summons when the field-effect purely matches the innate color of the summon. Cast the corresponding trap element, change the field-effect and just keep defending until they use it on you.

For the summon’s innates, Red Wolf is Red, Golem is Yellow, Sonja is Green, Unicorn is White, and the Mothership is Black. The enemies that carry the summons, along with their locations are listed below.

  • Sonja: Prey Mantis (Gaea’s Navel, Home) or Bulb (Shadow Forest, Home)
  • Unicorn: Dodo (Fossil Valley, Home)
  • Mothership: Air Frame (Isle of the Damned, Home)
Part 19: Techs and Summons
 Prey Mantis (Gaea's Navel, Home)

Before heading to Termina in Another, visit the Arni Village of the same world and examine the cart where the shop was for a Rainbow Shell.

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