Part 17: The Einlanzer

The Bend of Time

First, you can make a very short stop by an island known as The Bend of Time, located south of Mount Pyre, if you recruited Janice on the S.S. Zelbess. Put Janice in your party and speak to the blue creature here to receive Janice’s level 7 tech What’s Up Doc. You can also use the portals to go and engage monsters and gain new Dopplegang abilities for Sprigg.

Part 17: The Einlanzer
The Bend of Time

Death’s Door

Your next stop is Death’s Door. To enter, go to the Dead Sea (southeast of the world map) and use the “Fiddler Crab” near the bottom of the huge mist. Enter Death’s Door only to discover that you can’t go any further without the Einlanzer.

Hermit Hideaway – Home World

Leave Death’s Door, and go to Hermit Hideaway, which is north of the Dead Sea.

Hermit Hideaway
Hermit Hideaway home world

If you used Ice Breath on that specific spot back in Another, you should see a little plant growing here. This is Turnip but currently, no one in your party is strong enough to yank him out. You need to wait until much later when you get Poshul back to deal with that plant.

After the scene, wait for Radius to come back and give you the key item Garai Keepsake. You will automatically exit the area, but go back and enter the hideout. Climb the ladder to the top of the tree to get an Energizer Suit. Come back down, and you will see a chest to the left side of the house, which contains a Resistance Ring. Take your boat and finally sail to the Isle of the Damned.

Isle of the Damned – Home World

Enter the Isle of the Damned and go north. Head left first, and you will see a dark wall/door. Have the Will O’Wisp aggro you and run back to the door to fight it. Once it dies, the enemy will explode and blow up the door, in which you can find an Earthquake element. Continue to the east then south, and do the same thing with the second door on the left.

Most foes here are red or black innates and most of them are rather persistent in going after you. If you try to go to another area and leave the current screen, you will simply reappear somewhere else in this same area.

There are several mirrors in this area. First, go under the giant skeleton, and then go inside of it and to the south. You will reappear on the left side of the cavern. Head up to the mirror then use the Garai Keepsake to pass through it.

Home World
Isle of the Damned

You can receive a unique Dopplegang for Sprigg here, and some loot. If you’re not interested, go to the next section. Alternatively, you can simply do this after beating the boss. First, aggro the Will O’Wisp and go all around the area (top, left, down, and then right). Climb down the ladder, and fight the Wisp close to the black wall, just left of the bone ladder. You will then receive an Inferno.

Next, you will see a suit of armor, it may appear as though going to it is a waste of time but it’s really not. You have to lure a Wisp to the armor and blow it up. This allows you to battle Wight Knight. Make sure you Dopplegang it with Sprigg, as this enemy is one-of-a-kind. Defeating the Wight Knight also grants you a Golden Tiara accessory.

Once you’re done, go to the next area by going into the glowing yellow door in the middle of the screen. Make sure that Lynx is leading your party. Beyond the passage is a plaque that you have to read to proceed.

Boss Battle – Garai

HP 2087 / Innate White / Attack 77 / Magic Attack 16 / Defense 45 / MagicDefense 14 / Drop (Common) Dragoon´s Honor / Drop (Rare) n/a / Steal (Common) n/a / Steal (Rare) n/a / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle - Garai
Boss Battle

Your biggest concern here is to always keep your party healed as Garai’s attacks are quite brutal. If you have Harle with you, then have her cast Moonshine to protect your party while another character uses your best black elements such as FreeFall. Lynx must use his techs when available. Casting Weaken on Garai and Strengthen on Lynx also helps somewhat.

After the battle, you will receive the Einlanzer. Take it to Death’s Door to neutralize the Masamune and enter the Dead Sea. Don’t forget to equip Glenn with the Einlanzer after having it fulfill its initial purpose.

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