Part 15: Party Recruit

Character Recruit – Zappa

Headfirst to Termina, and as it turns out this world’s Termina has fallen to Porre, but that’s not your problem. Instead, head to the Smithy and speak to Zappa. He tells you he’s searching for rainbow shells and asks to come along. Let him. In addition to joining your party, Zappa also gives you the Smith Spirit, allowing access to the weapon shop from the world map or save points.

After getting Zappa, head to where Gogh’s mansion was in Another, only to realize that the father-son pair here is poor. Talk to Gogh then enter Van’s room to the right. Choose to hire him and watch the scene. Once the landlady asks if you’re really looking for the Frozen Flame, tell her you’re serious. After the next sequence of events, Van joins your party.

Party Character Recruit- Zappa
Character Recruit - Norris

Before leaving town, make sure that you speak to the man off to the left of the town entrance while Radius is in your party. Stop by Viper Manor next.

Character Recruit – Norris

You’ll see that the manor looks like a dump. Head south and go to the well below.

First, go south one screen. From here, you’ll encounter different events depending on whether you rolled the boulder on this same screen back in Another. If you rolled the boulder, speak to the kid and check the right side of the area, just under where the water flow stops. A bug will pop up, followed by a man. If you ignored the boulder, you’ll see the same man under attack by a Wraith.

He will give you a Mushroom in appreciation for helping him either way, which will be useful to recruit our next character.

Now that this is done, proceed back north to the top area and head up into the sewer system. There isn’t much for you to do here besides collect the Mythril Helmet from the treasure chest.

Head up the ladder in the upper left corner. Head into the prison where the only door you can pass through is the one the guards are in front of. Go in and you’ll meet Norris. He joins after a while and tells you about a boat docked in Termina. The big ship is not yours but the dingy is.

Party Character Recruit - Funguy
Character Recruit - Funguy

Character Recruit – Funguy

After recruiting Norris, you will automatically reappear in Termina. Exit the town, and go to the Shadow Forest. You can grab new items in this dimension. Take the mushroom that you’ve recently obtained below the waterfall (where you found Skelly’s Angry Scapula in Another), and there will be a person cooking stew. Speak to him and hand over the Mushroom. Funguy transforms and joins your party. Before you exit the area, head west to the next area to pick up a Carnivore Trap. Next, go through Mount Pyre to Fort Dragonia.

Character Recruit – Draggy

It’s time to hatch that Big Egg you’ve been lugging around all this time! Go through Mount Pyre again, and enter Fort Dragonia. You will need to solve the puzzles for the first four pillars again, which can be a pain especially since the enemies are stronger here, but at least there’s no boss fight. Make sure to grab all the chests (which are located in the same place as in Another) which contain powerful elements. If needed, refer back to Part 13 of this walkthrough.

Once you gain access to the lift, go down instead of up, and you’ll find yourself in a room with an incubator.

Place the Big Egg on the largest one in the middle. A very confused Draggy will come out of the egg. He joins the party after a bit of dialogue. You can actually put this off until you meet Steena if you’re too lazy to complete the pillar puzzles, as her presence allows you to bypass them.

Character Recruit - Draggy
Party Character Recruit - Draggy

Character Recruit – Starky

To get this rather adorable little alien, head to the El Nido Triangle located to the south of the world map. Make your way through and pick up the Star Fragment from the treasure chest at the bottom of the sea.

After that, dock your boat at Sky Dragon Isle and head upstairs to the massive clearing. Check the treasure chest here only to realize it’s empty, and the little something that ran into the bushes earlier attacks you.

Party Recruit Starky
Character Recruit - Starky

Defeat Mega Starky and he’ll shrink back to his original size. After a bit of dialogue, and a Benny Hill-like chase, he joins your party in a bid to find more ship fragments.

Finally, leave the area and come back to talk to the man near the stairs, who will give you the Our Favorite Martian frame.

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