Part 14: Temporal Vortex

Temporal Vortex

Temporal Vortex

After the Fort Dragonia sequence, you’ll end up in an odd place completely alone, with all the party members you’ve recruited so far, gone. But fear not, Serge will build a new army as Lynx eventually. Begin by running up the tree and work your way up the hill going into the caves. Push the boulder down when you reach the top; go to where it fell and push it again. Run around the tree to fetch the chest for a Revive.

Walk up the right branch next to knock a piece of fruit off the tree. Someone should run out of the locked house to pick it up. During this time, rush to the house while the door is open and go inside. Sprigg lets you stay for the night and then joins your party the next day. Sprigg is another unique character in which she copies the characteristics and abilities of monsters she defeats with physical attacks. Save downstairs.

Temporal Vortex- Fort Dragonia
Part 14: Temporal Vortex

Once you enter the room at the top of the area, Serge appears and you’ll have to enter the door that is on the same side as the one that Serge went into. Do this 3 times, for Harle to take pity on you and join the party. Next, navigate through the tower to secure a pair of Mythril and a Pendragon Sigil C, then pass through the hole and out to the home world’s Hydra Marshes

Arni Village – Home World

Make your way out of the marsh and head to Opassa Beach. When you attempt unsuccessfully to use the Astral Amulet Sprigg will suggest you speak with Serge’s mother. Head back to Arni Village, and to Serge’s house to talk to Marge. While your mother believes that you are indeed Serge, Radius does not and goes on to settle things with a fight.

Arni Village
Arni Village - Home World

After the battle, the old man realizes his mistake and makes up for it by joining your party. Leave the village for Termina through Fossil Valley, where you can pick up an infrared Vision frame, at the area where Skelly’s skull used to be in Another. Onward to Termina now.

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