Part 13: Fort Dragonia

Fort Dragonia – Another World

An FMV will play. As it fades out, will find yourself on the World Map, right next to Fort Dragonia. Save your game, enter and approach the central column.

Go past the stone tablet and down the corridor. As you enter, you will come across four doors. Each has a crystal that you will need to deactivate to progress. To your left is a save point, which should be used regularly.

Fort Dragonia
Part 13: Fort Dragonia

Bottom Right Passage

Run over the bridge and enter the next room. There is a statue of a dragon in the center of the room. Remember, whichever direction the statue faces is considered north (so whatever compass direction you pick, it will be in relation to the direction of the dragon, not the room). Select a compass direction by interacting with the dragon statue, and you will be dropped into holes that lead to different sections of the bottom level.

Your aim is to drop into the hole west of the room and deactivate the crystal. The table below details what is in each hole based on the compass direction of the room (the dragon is randomized each time). When you’re finished, return to the main hall and save.

North: Brings you to a red heal pyramid.
South: Volcano Trap, Flame Charm, FirePillar, MagmaBurst.
East: Fight Cybots; West: Crystal Pillar

Bottom Left Passage

Bottom Right Passage
Top Right Passage

This room is a circular maze consisting of 2 levels. Make your way to the west side of the room and activate the machine. This will designate each party member as a head/body/tail. Return to the main room, and use the newly created bridge to activate the blue button to create a staircase on the east side of the room. Return to the west room. You can now change the layout of the room by pressing ‘select’ and changing the order of the members of your party. Activate the machine again with a different party in order to change the room in a number of ways (see table below). 

These character orders affect the maze layout in the following ways:

  • Head, Body, Tail: Access blue switch to lower some steps.
  • Body, Tail, Head: Access the treasure chest with Earth Charm.
  • Tail, Head, Body: Access the treasure chest with ElectroBolt.
  • Tail, Body, Head: Access switch to lower crystal platform.

With everything done, deactivate the crystal pillar, return to the main hall and save.

Top Right Passage


This room is another maze of staircases. Explore the room to find all of the hidden chests. Elements around here include HealAll, Bushbasher, Tornado Trap, Antidote, and AeroBlaster. Once again, take your time to fight and steal from enemies.

If all you’re interested in is the exit, take the first left; go down the stairs, and head right. Follow the path around and down. The path will split into another path at the end. Take the upper route and follow it. Take the upper stairs and continue along the path. This will bring you to a blue button on the floor. It lowers a staircase shortcut, which leads out of the area. Once done, continue up the path to the crystal room. 

Equip powerful yellow elements before running up to the boss. You will also want to equip a Tornado Trap on a character if you’re a high enough level to use it.

Boss Battle – Taurusoid

Boss Battle - Taurusoid

HP 1200 / Innate Green / Attack 43 / Magic Attack 6 / Defense 40 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Fang / Drop (Rare) Iron Vest / Steal (Common) Tornado / Steal (Rare) Sonja / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

As always, bring out your best yellow elements, especially ElectroBolt. Attack all out, and stay healed. The boss will cast HealAll, making the battle much longer if you cannot do enough damage fast enough. Set a Tornado trap to get the Tornado element when Taurusoid casts it. You can also steal the Tornado trap if you missed it before. Prevent the field-effect from becoming pure green.

Top Left Passage

In this room you will find paired chests when opened in certain ways rotates a bridge to different areas. Go to the left, dispatch the monster and open the lower chest. The platform will move to you. Head to the other side and switch the chests (open the lower one, close the upper one). Head to the left and do the same. The path should roll up behind you. Run across the bridge to the right.

Top Left Passage
 Dragoon enemy

This will bring you to the entrance and another blue button. Press it to lower some steps to create a shortcut, and then enter the room. One of the other exits leads to a room containing a Sea Charm and another to a Dragoon enemy.

Boss Battle – Giant Gloop

HP 800 / Innate Blue / Attack 42 / Magic Attack 14 / Defense 60 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) AquaBall / Drop (Rare) IceBlast / Steal (Common) Antiviral Cap / Steal (Rare) n/a / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Set an IceBerg trap and have Kid pilfer an Antiviral Cap from it. In addition, allocate your entire party with Medicines as the Gloop can freeze you. If you’re left frozen without Medicines, then just run away. Spam level 4 red elements such as MagmaBurst after casting WeakMinded on it.

Boss Battle - Giant Gloop
Boss Battle - Giant Gloop Fort Dragonis

Shut the blue crystal off. Go back to the main hall and save your game, before entering the elevator for one more boss encounter.

Boss Battle – Sun of a Gun

HP 365 / Innate White / Attack 47 / Magic Attack 12 / Defense 68 / MagicDefense 50 / Drop (Common) Iron / Drop (Rare) n/a / Steal (Common) Screw / Steal (Rare) n/a / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a.

This boss can become resistant to elements as well as normal attacks depending on his mood. Set a Holy Light trap just in case; use Turn Black on Serge and just have him attack. Keep your HPs up at all times.

After the battle, shut off the final gem and take the elevator up. You’ll now end up at the exact spot from the very beginning of the game. Head right to the next screen, where you must go southeast at the fork to reach a Capsule. Return to the fork and take the other path to another area.

Boss Battle - Sun of a Gun
Sun of a Gun

Explore the rest of the dungeon to secure a few more chests, including a Daemon Charm, Angel Charm, and meteor shower. Once you have everything, continue to the switch room to fight one last monster.

Boss Battle – Bunyip – First Form

HP 400 / Innate Red / Attack 43 / Magic Attack 15 / Defense 20 / MagicDefense 1 / Drop (Common) n/a / Drop (Rare) n/a / Steal (Common) FreeFall / Steal (Rare) FreeFall / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle – Bunyip – Second Form

HP 1200 / Innate Black / Attack 52 / Magic Attack 15 / Defense 35 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Gravitonne / Drop (Rare) HellBound / Steal (Common) FreeFall / Steal (Rare) BlackHole / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle - Bunyip - First Form
Boss Battle - Bunyip - Second Form

The Bunyip has two forms, with the first sporting a red innate and the second a black innate, Set both Inferno and FreeFall traps to capture the corresponding elements when the boss casts them, You can steal a FreeFall element from it too. Spam the first form with your best blue elements, and have Serge beat down the second form with attacks.

Go back and save before teleporting to the top of the fort, where you’ll witness a scene, followed by consecutive battles with Viper and Lynx.

For Viper, just hit him with your best shot, and don’t forget to steal the Stamina Ring. With General Viper defeated, it’s Lynx’s turn to fight.

Boss Battle – Lynx

HP 1000 / Innate Black / Attack 60 / Magic Attack 17 / Defense 31 / MagicDefense 29 / Drop (Common) Pendragon Sigil B / Drop (Rare) Sky Djinn Ring / Steal (Common) Pendragon Sigil B / Steal (Rare) Sky Djinn Ring / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle - Lynx
Boss battle

This battle is not all that different from your previous encounters with Lynx, except he’s stronger now. Have your other two characters spam white elements while Serge attacks normally. Consider casting Turn White on one of your allies too so that their normal attacks become more effective.

Watch the events unfold and you’ll soon find yourself fighting your friends in the wrong body. This is a battle you can’t possibly hope to win (except maybe on New Game +) so just stand there and let them kill you.

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