Part 10: S.S. Invincible

S.S. Invincible – Another World

Your next stop is the so-called ghost ship, located within the foggy area just south of Hermit’s Hideaway. The ship’s captain, Fargo, and his band of pirates will greet you on board. After which a three-round gauntlet-style battle ensues, starting with a group of Man O’ Wars, then Polly and Fargo.

Always take advantage of every opportunity to steal, as that is pretty much the only way to get good accessories apart from looting treasure chests.

Boss Battle – Fargo

S.S. Invincible - Another World Boss Battle - Fargo

HP 660 / Innate Blue / Attack 43 / Magic Attack 7 / Defense 12 / MagicDefense 2 / Drop (Common) Meteorite / Drop (Rare) PhotonBeam / Steal (Common) Capsule / Steal (Rare) PhotonBeam / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

As always, hit your opponent with elements he is vulnerable to, which is red in this case. Turn Elements such as Turn Black or Turn Red also work. Plus if you have Glenn with you, then try using the X-Strike double tech (Serge: Dash & Slash + Glenn: Dash & Gash). Heal allies as needed.

The team awakens to find themselves locked in the hold. There is a save point here that you can use. But first, dispatch the Skeleton that attacks. Get the undead with white elements. It seems the whole ship is under attack by Ghosts and the undead so help out. Check the door to your right just as you exit the hold. Remember to speak to every single person you come across 3 times so that they share info about the key with you.

It is recommended that you fight all the monsters on the ship as you can farm Iron from them. Head west until you reach the first door and enter. Inside is a chest with an AquaBall. Don’t forget to help the pirate too. Back outside, the rest of the doors are locked, so just go pick up the FirePillar at the end of the corridor, and make your way up the ladder.

Here, all the rooms on the west side are inaccessible so head east instead. Waiting in one of the rooms is a Panacea which you can get after killing the hidden Wraith. Crawl through the ventilation duct in this room to the other side. Snag the Capsule here and return to the corridor. Speak to the pirate up front to ask about the key, and one of the pair of guys at the end of the hallway will hand it over. Use the key on the door near the hold.

S.S. Invincible Character Recruit - Pip

Before heading upstairs, stop by the second room to the left and talk to the pirate inside for a free Iron. Move on past the gun ports then head to the side of the ship. It would be best to ignore the fat pirate as his liquor is poisonous most of the time. Follow the path back inside the ship.

Character Recruit – Pip

In this room full of monsters, you’ll see Pip exploring. Talk to him and he’ll run off, so keep chasing him until he stops to hide at the southeast corner of the room by the fence. Speak to him again here and let him join.

Pip is quite unique in the sense that you can actually control what kind of character he turns into. When he casts more red, yellow, or black elements in battle, he will get in touch with his “devil” side; while more green, blue, and white elements in battle gets him closer to his “angel” side.

Now that you got Pip, collect the Capsule from a chest at the northeast corner of the room, along with a Gravitonne on top of the crates. Go outside next for a PhotonBeam. Use the save point first before heading up to the deck where the pirates are fighting an army of monsters. Help them and then assist Fargo with steering the ship for a boss battle.

Boss Battle – Dead Head

Chrono Cross Boss Battle - Dead Head

HP 700 / Innate Black / Attack 48 / Magic Attack 20 / Defense 15 / MagicDefense 8 / Drop (Common) HellSoul / Drop (Rare) HellBound / Steal (Common) GravityBlow / Steal (Rare) Bronze Axe / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Here you have five Dead Beats that eventually fuse to form one giant Dead Beat. White elements and Serge’s normal attacks and techs (especially X-Strike with Glenn) are your best friends. Stay healed and keep your HPs above 65 at all times to survive Dead Head’s attacks.

Returning Home

This section only applies if you didn’t save Kid. If you did save Kid, feel free to continue to the next chapter.

Returning Home- S.S. Invincible

Now that the ghost ship has been dealt with, return to Guldove to see how Kid’s doing. You will be told that a stranger saved her by providing Hydra Humour and that everything’s fine! Your next goal is to get the protection of the Water Dragon, on the Dragon Isle, to get through the fiery Mount Pyre. Unfortunately, this dimension’s dragon appears to be gone.

The kid will then tell you to go back home and will lend you her Astral Amulet. Once you have it, go back to Opessa Beach and use her amulet to finally get back home.

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