Part 07: Guldove (Another)

Guldove – Another World

As soon as Serge wakes up in Korcha’s house, heads outside and watches the events unfold. Eventually, you’ll have to make a choice between saving Kid or leaving her alone This will be the second branch point.

Branch Point #2

Visit Kid when she asks for Serge to receive the Astral Amulet, the very item that allows you to travel between dimensions. Korcha then asks what to do next, and your response will obviously affect the course you take, including the set of characters that you can recruit into your party.

  1. Saving Kid will give you access to the following characters: Korcha, Mel, Razzly
  2. Leaving Kid, however, will allow you to recruit: Doc, Macha, and Glenn.
 Part 07: Guldove (Another)
Guldove (Another)

Be sure to stop by the element trader outside and agree to a trade. When leaving her shop, you should get Skelly’s, Pelvic Bone. Peek into the bar to the west of town in order to overhear a conversation between Doc and Orla. Talk with the residents too. Head up the ladder, where you’ll find an elements shop in the hut to your right.

  1. If you chose to save Kid, your destination is the Shaman’s hut to the left. Show the Amulet to Dire to learn more about it.
  2. If you chose otherwise, go right to the Residential Tower to talk to Korcha and get his boat from his mother.

Return to the bar, and speak to the dwarf on the stage several times for the Green Tinkler. At this point, you can sail to Termina on Korcha’s boat and from there, you can take a little detour to recruit a few party members.

Hydra Marshes – Another World

Hydra Marshes - Another World
Hydra Marshes - Another World Guldove

Now that you have the Green Tinkler, the rest of the marsh is now open for exploration. Start by exiting through the north and us the Green Tinkler on the plant to your left. Climb down it for a Seed, then head west and north to the next screen where you’ll find a Carapace to the northeast. From the save point, push southeast and keep going to snag a Copper.

At the next area, proceed southeast along the second path, and enter the hole to find the Good Backbone for Skelly. Make your way around further down for a Tablet plus a Copper some ways down. Return to the save point and northeast into the bog, where you can hug the walls south to a path leading to a chest with a BatEye inside. Navigate back to the northeast exit, and defeat the Goblins to claim the Life Sparkle, which will soon be used to recruit NeoFio. Go back to where you found the Copper, and continue south then west to return to the entrance.

Viper Manor – Another World

Viper Manor
Viper Manor Another World

Bust up the Roborg at the gate to enter then head to the Library, and check behind the desk next to the Prophet of Time. Go down this ladder where you’ll find a Beach Bum at the bottom who lets you rename your characters. You’ll also receive the Porre’s Furnace frame.

Next, head to the balcony where Serge jumped off during your encounter with Lynx earlier. Luccia will be here experimenting with NeoFio. After she leaves use the Life Sparkle on the flower and NeoFio will come to life.

Finally, stop by Luccia’s lab, and without Pip, it appears that she has nothing to experiment on, Talk to her and have her join you. There is a shiny Silver Earring on the desk as well, so don’t forget to grab it.

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