Part 06: Viper Manor (Another)

Viper Manor

Each of the three paths will end up in different areas once you reach the manor grounds. If you picked Guile then stay put; if you went with Nikki, head east then east some more until you reach the small room to the far right; if you chose Pierre, head east, south then east to the same tiny room.

In any case, that tiny space houses a chest with a Turn Blue element. Also, to the north of the manor’s main entrance is a chest with an Ointment. You can explore further and snag a Turn Yellow near the massive gate. Back at the rear of the manor enter the stables where you must play a mini-game of feeding the dragons to earn the Manor Key.

Viper Manor Chrono Cross

You also win prizes for feeding the dragons a specific number of times:

10 times: Knee Pad
20 times: Copper Helmet
30 times: Copper Mail
40 times: Recover All Element
100 times: Iron Vest and the “Feeding Frenzy” achievement

On the Radical Dreamers edition of the game, you can slow down time for an easier (but long) challenge.

After securing the key from the cupboard, save your game and head for the manor’s front door, where you can use the key to unlock it. Once inside, you can see gates to your left and right. The main door to the back is locked; the left gate is blocked by something and the right gate opens, but a gate further in will drop, and if you fiddle with the snake statues another gate will fall behind you. You are now trapped and two Gloops will be dropped on you. You must fiddle with the statues again to get out.

Chrono Cross Guide

Instead, approach and inspect the snake statue by the main door at the back. You must be facing it head-on. It will ask you to turn it (like a combination lock). Do not bother to look around for combos just enter anything. (If you do not have Kid at your party some of the events that occur will be slightly different.) A trap door will open beneath you and you will be dropped into a cage and get berated by some guards. The kid will throw her mouth around and initiate a fight. Nothing you have not faced before. Kid gets the idea of stealing the guard’s uniforms for use as a disguise.

You now have three choices of direction: left, down, and right. If you head down you will find a lazy guard, a locked gate, a locked gate, and a chest. The chest attacks you when you try to open it. During the battle, the Boxer Boys will give you a choice of who to attack. If you chose the correct one you will get a treasure, if not a fight. To the right are a guarded door and a hulking robot. The left side contains the living quarters for the dragoons. Either way works, but head left first so that you can save your game behind the second door.

Viper Manor Direction

The first room here is the dining area where you can speak to Glenn. He then leaves to write down the code somewhere to help him remember it. Collect a Dragoon’s Honor from the chest in the top right corner then open the cupboard in the kitchen to find a Turn Green element. Leave and go next door to living quarters. Glenn will be here looking at the wall where the code is. This code opens the large door on the first floor, and changes with each playthrough so are sure to remember it. In the area left of the save point is the all-important Revive element. Exit and go upstairs.

Now go up the stairs to another haunted door. You can open the door when the eye is closed (opening it when the eye is open will result in a fight). You can steal a Magnify element from these haunted doors so do take the time to fight them. In the first door, you will find a sleepy Harle and some odd-sized chests. Defeat them. The right one has Turn Black and the left one is the Boxer Boys. That is all for this side so go back down to the intersection and head right.

Talk to the guards blocking the door and they will ask for the password. Don’t do anything because the correct answer is silence. Loot everything in the room. The pillars have a Bronze Mail, Hero’s Shield, and Bronze Sword. The vase contains a monster but coughs up a Turn Red when defeated. The treasure chest is once again the Boxer Boys. Finally, snag the Silver Pendant off the wall to activate another trap which leads straight into a cage in Luccia’s lab below. Defeat the Neo-N-Bulbs.

Viper Manor Boss Battle

Before you leave the lab, make sure that you open Pip’s cage. Bust up the Roborg outside and head through the door to the armory. The treasure chest here has Bronze Helmet. Push the snake statue into the slot and take the Decor Shield from the wall, then place it on the only armor missing a shield. Defeat the army of Man-O’-Wars. Leave the room.

Go to your right and upstairs. Next floor, you’ll find Zoah in the first room along with a chest that only he can open. You’ll need to come back for this later. The room next door belongs to Karsh. You can ask him things if you want then examine the treasure chest repeatedly (20 times) until he relents and lets you take the Dragoon Gauntlet inside. Return to the main hall and enter the number code on the snake statue. You will enter a large chamber where the only way out is left. Head out to the bridge and cross it to reach the Library.

Look around if you like but you must talk to Marcy upstairs to proceed. After some story-telling from the Prophet of Time, Marcy will pick a fight.

Boss Battle – Marcy

HP 525 / Innate Blue / Attack 30 / Magic Attack 5 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) IceBlast / Drop (Rare) Iron / Steal (Common) Silver Loupe / Steal (Rare) Dancing Shoes / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Viper Manor Marcy

Her hits are weak but she uses some high-power Elements and level skills. Prepare to heal and attempt to use the Turn Elements. This allows you to use your most powerful elements and get the most out of them. Ice Blast will freeze your characters. She will do this twice in a row so equip Medicines to unfreeze them. If all of your parties are frozen it’s game over.

After the battle, the Prophet should give you a hint on what to do next. But first, head upstairs to activate the switch that lowers the ladder. Go up there for a Turn White element. Return to the main room now and press the switch on the second pillar to the left just like the old man suggested.

Defeat the guards and ride the new lift up to the next floor. Save your game outside and head through the right door to meet Lynx and fight him.

Boss Battle – Lynx

Viper Manor Lynx

HP 820 / Innate Black / Attack 26 / Magic Attack 10 / Defense 1 / MagicDefense 7 / Drop (Common) Pendragon Sigil C / Drop (Rare) Gravitonne / Steal (Common) Magic Ring / Steal (Rare) Power Glove / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Lynx uses AntiWhite which seals all of a character’s white elements. Serge’s normal attacks alone will be quite effective, but make use of your best white elements as much as you can. If someone dies revive them right away. If you lose the ability to bring dead allies back to life, then it would be best to just flee and start over. Be sure to steal from him as well.

After the fight, the party will flee the manor, and you will be faced with your second branch point.

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