Part 05: Pierre’s Path

Viper Minor Entrance

This route is the shortest and toughest of the three, so you might want to find someplace (such as Lizard Rock) to grind for a bit of stat boost. When you’re ready, head over to Viper Manor, where you’ll be prompted to make a choice after a bit of exchange between Pierre and the guards. Select the first option to make things easier than defeating the pair of Acacia Privates.

Moving on, you’ll soon run into Solt and Peppor plus their new friend Ketchop. Consider equipping Turn Red on someone before the battle.

Boss Battle – Ketchop

HP 260 / Innate Yellow / Attack 20 / Magic Attack 11 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Silver Earring / Drop (Rare) n/a / Steal (Common) Tablet / Steal (Rare) Power Glove / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Chrono Cross Pierre's Path

Boss Battle – Solt

HP 150 / Innate Yellow / Attack 12 / Magic Attack 10 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 5 / Drop (Common) Copper / Drop (Rare) n/a / Steal (Common) Bronze Vest / Steal (Rare) Dancing Shoes / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle – Peppor

HP 180 / Innate Yellow / Attack 13 / Magic Attack 10 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 5 / Drop (Common) Brace / Drop (Rare) Magic Ring / Steal (Common) Plaster Cap / Steal (Rare) Power Glove / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

The battle starts with some silly banter and then Serge will be KO’d by Ketchop. Attack Ketchop without Serge for a couple of turns, until Solt, in his desire to have everyone witness Ketchop’s power, revives Serge. At this point, heal Serge and focus all your aggression on Ketchop. He will use FlameKnock after a while; casting Turn Red reduces damage from it.

Take away about half of Ketchop’s HP, and he suggests turning Solt and Peppor into a ball and a bat. This deals heavy damage on one character but also eliminates the pair of morons. Continue hitting Ketchop until he goes down, and heal your party with Tablets when necessary.

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