Part 05: Nikki’s Path

Talk to Nikki and let him join your party. Next, check the note on the floor, which tells you how to wake the sleeping monster outside. You’ll also find the Angry Scapula here. Now, leave the cave and go around to the bank on the right where the tree is and use the Aroma Pouch to make it produce blue pollen. After that, return to the cave and talk to the blue creature to have it follow you. At this point, you need to lead it to the sleeping monster outside to be eaten. Defeat the Quadfidd to proceed.

Shadow Forest

Out of the three paths, this one is of moderate difficulty and has the most items to be picked up. Leave Termina and head to Shadow Forest; the guards that once blocked off the entrance should be gone now. As you proceed through the area, notice that there are harmless, colored creatures roaming around; these things will come into play a bit later.

Shadow Forest Nikki's Path

Head west to the next screen where you must fight off a Bulb to secure an AeroSaucer from the treasure chest. Push on the south and keep going until you spot Nikki playing music to a creature. Go after him but don’t forget to collect an Uplift from a chest along the way. In the next area, you’ll find Nikki under attack so go over to where he is and help out. After the battle, he will jump off and head under the waterfall. Follow him in there again.

Alternatively, you can use the Aroma Pouch on the tree at the upper left ledge of this screen and take the red pollen to the red creature at the forest’s entrance. If the Quadfidd eats the red creature, it will shrink and give you the Skull Duggery frame before running away. Feeding the monster with the blue or yellow creature means that you must fight it. Proceed to the next area and you’ll eventually run into Zoah plus Solt and Peppor.

Boss Battle – Zoah

HP 200 / Innate Yellow / Attack 14 / Magic Attack 6 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Ivory Mail / Drop (Rare) Bronze Glove / Steal (Common) Knee Pad / Steal (Rare) n/a / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle - Zoah

Boss Battle – Solt

HP 80 / Innate Yellow / Attack 9 / Magic Attack 7 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Copper / Drop (Rare) ElectroJolt / Steal (Common) Ivory Helmet / Steal (Rare) TurnBlack / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle – Peppor

HP 90 / Innate Yellow / Attack 10 / Magic Attack 5 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Uplift / Drop (Rare) Copper / Steal (Common) Ivory Helmet / Steal (Rare) Table / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle - Peppor Nikki's Path

As always, Solt and Peppor will teach you something first, and today’s lesson is about Summon elements, which can only be used by characters whose innate matches that of the summon, plus the field-effect must also purely match the summon’s color before it can be used. After Zoah tells them off, get rid of Solt first then Peppor then Zoah. They will use the Crosscut double tech if not dealt with quickly and you don’t want that.

Proceed into the hole after picking up a Heal element from the chest and keep going through the waterway where you can also collect a Magma Bomb. When you reach an area where there are insects streaming out of a hole, you have a choice between plugging the hole with the boulder or leaving it alone. You can still recruit Funguy later on either way so just pick one. The chest on the ledge near the exit contains the Deluge element.

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