Part 05: Guile’s Path

Viper Manor Bluffs

Guile’s path is the easiest of all three as he’s so strong. Upon arriving ignore the ladder for now and cross the tiny bit of ground to the right instead. When you climb that ladder, a dragoon will notice your presence and start tossing boulders down at you. Each hit from the boulders takes away 10 HP. Make your way around to the bottom of the ladder, without getting washed away so that you can climb it and snag the Heal.

Viper Manor Bluffs Guile's Path

Climb back down and let yourself be washed off by the stream of water to reach the Photon Ray. Head down the vine next then up the ladder. When you get off, climb up the next two ladders and get washed off to collect the Tablet before heading down the vine to carefully return to the ladder that you were washed off from. At the top are three more ladders. Take the left one for a Meteorite then the middle one to the next area.

Here, take the left ladder then west again when you can. Climb this ladder without getting washed off and head right at the top for the FreeFall element. Return to the intersection to go right this time. Proceed then head down to the left when you can before finally heading up another ladder to the left. At the top of the final ladder is a dragoon waiting to attack. Defeat the Acacia Privates and after an event, you’ll be given a chance to explore or fight some more. Go face the boss when ready.

Boss Battle – King Moaman

Boss Battle - King Moaman

HP 245 / Innate Black / Attack 14 / Magic Attack 10 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 2 / Drop (Common) GravityBlow / Drop (Rare) Power Glove / Steal (Common) Copper / Steal (Rare) Feathery Dress / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Focus all your attacks on the Blue Moaman first as it can heal its allies. Once taken care of, turn on the King Moaman, and finally the Red Moaman. Use Guile’s WandaIn skill when possible, and also have Kid Pilfer some Copper from the King Moaman before you dispatch it.

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