Part 04: Termina (Another)

Hydra Marshes – Another World

Before heading to Fossil Valley, stop by the Hydra Marshes first. This area is located in the southeast section of the world map. The main thing to keep in mind as soon as you enter is that the marshes are poisonous. Stay clear of the bog as much as possible until you get the Safety Gear.

tart by taking an obligatory trek west through the bog. On the next screen, keep going then head west along the stalk when you can to access a different area. There, follow the path some more to reach another screen, where you can make use of the save point if you like. Waiting on the next screen, at the top of a stalk on the right, is an ElectroJolt. Head east next to another area. Speak to the man in the middle and he’ll give you a spare Safety Gear. This allows for safe passage through the poisonous green bog.

Part 04: Termina (Another)

Trace your steps back to the first area and head down the log north for a Tablet. Exit north and collect the Bushwhacker in the next area. This is all you can do in this marsh for the moment, so retrace your steps to the entrance and back to the world map.

Head to Fossil Valley, just north of Arni Village.

Fossil Valley – Another World

Enter Fossil Valley, the guards will now let you pass. There is a roaming Dingo enemy, run past it, or fight. Head down the path. You will see a guard and a ladder. Approach him and say you’re the exorcist. He’ll let you through. Go up the ladder and continue north to examine the large skull. A smaller skull pops out and asks if you’ll help him find his body parts. Agree to receive a Heavy Skull.

Part 04: Termina (Another) Fossil Valley

This will be the first of six parts for Skelly, a party member, and it’s now your responsibility to put him back together. You will come across various parts of Skelly as you progress through the game. Next, take the far left path up and pluck the Bellflower off the ledge. Turn back, and go to the bottom right side of the area until you spot a bone ladder and head down. Collect the Big Egg to have the angry Dodo mother attack.


There are many abilities in the game which allow you to steal items from enemies, such as Steal, Pilfer, Snatch and Pillage. Each enemy has a common item and a rare item to steal, but they will only have one per battle. This means if you steal the common item, they won’t have the rare item on them at all. Even if you have 2 characters with a Steal ability, you can only get one item per enemy.

Your chance to steal successfully is tied to your fierce attack hit % (3 stamina attacks). For your best chance to steal, you should raise your hit % as high as possible by performing a 1/2/3 stamina combo and using your last stamina point to use your stealing ability. 

Stealing a common or rare item is completely random. If you don’t get the item you want, you will need to fight another battle, or reload your game to have another chance at a boss item. It has been suggested (not confirmed) that trying to steal on a different turn (2nd/3rd/4th) may change your odds of getting the rare item.

Part 04: Termina (Another) Stealing

If Kid is with you, then be sure to steal. You can get a Purify element (rare steal), which removes all status ailments; very useful. Return to the rope ladder, descend and proceed west to the exit, where Solt and Peppor await.

Boss Battle – Solt

HP 80 / Innate Yellow / Attack 9 / Magic Attack 7 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Copper / Drop (Rare) Electro Jolt / Steal (Common) Ivory Helmet / Steal (Rare) TurnBlack / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

Boss Battle - Peppor

Boss Battle – Peppor

HP 90 / Innate Yellow / Attack 10 / Magic Attack 5 / Defense 0 / MagicDefense 0 / Drop (Common) Uplift / Drop (Rare) Copper / Steal (Common) Ivory Helmet / Steal (Rare) Table / Absorbs n/a / Inmune n/a

These two have very little health and as always they start things off with a bit of dialogue. This time, it’s a tutorial regarding Turn Elements. For the battle itself, attack and use green elements if you want to add flair.

Termina – Another World

Termina - Another World

Upon entry into town, there will be a brief dialogue between Glenn and the flower lady. She’s out of Bellflowers, which you happen to have. The kid is here but storms off upon seeing Leena (if she is at your party). Stop by Lisa’s first to pick up some elements. Once that is done, go up the stairs for a short scene and talk to the man on the left of the statue, next to the house (you cannot see him as he’s hiding behind the side of the chimney). Tell him that “you understand”, and he will give you the Tea for Three frames.

Now that this is done, go east (twice) from the element shop to the next area to see a scene with Korcha, go back one screen, head north, and into Zappa’s Smithy building.

Forge some new copper gear for your party. Next, enter the mansion up ahead and check behind the stairs on the first floor to snag a Profiteer Purse. Return to the area where you first met Korcha and head down the stairs. Further along at the shrine is a scene between Glenn and Riddel. They eventually notice your Bellflower and ask if they can have it.

Just be nice and give it to them for free.

Now that all of this is done, return to the main area and go all the way up to Viper’s statue where you will see a man in green. Talk to him, and you will learn about Viper’s Manor. If Kid is already with you, she’ll tell you she wants to infiltrate the manor. Otherwise…

Character Recruit – Kid

After talking to the man in green polishing the statue, Kid will come running again. When she asks to join, accept her into your party this time (if you didn’t get her earlier at Cape Howl). She’ll then tell you she wants to infiltrate the manor.

Branch Point #1

At this point in the game, you will be asked to choose whose path to take. You have 3 options, each one yields a different character for you to recruit. However, you can only recruit one of these characters per playthrough. 

1. The first option is Guile’s path, you can find him on the far left side of the bar. Talk to him and let him join; he will also inform you that he needs a boat in order to infiltrate Viper’s manor. With Guile in your active party, go back to the tomb where you met Glenn and Riddel. Finally, go under the pier and then go left in order to reach Korcha, who will agree to escort you to Viper’s manor on his boat for the sum of 100G.

Termina Guide Path

2. Next up is Nikki’s path and for this option, you must enter the big ship at Termina’s dock. Talk to the man there to learn that Nikki’s gone missing. When Miki asks for your help, accept.

3. Last is Pierre’s path. To recruit him, head to the Smithy and talk to Zappa. After that, enter the room to the left and talk to Pierre. He tells you that his medal is missing, so leave the room and exit through the bottom door. Speak to the boy outside for the Hero Medal. Hand this over to Pierre.

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